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  • Sunny day :D

  • Candy Is Dandy

  • Building Character

    Trying to make Little Fione a little less pretty and a Little more fun :D Hehe :D

  • Let the Party Begin

    Happy Friday Friends :D

  • Away from the Light

    I try to keep the Lati in a dark dark Place.. This is the first time she has seen light in quite sometime. Poor Little Vampire.

  • Bite me.

    I am so sad to see how the Lati yellow market has just gone into the gutter :( I wish I kicked them all out before it was too late... Or maybe its a good thing because All Dolly Love comes in waves and when I fall back in love with the BJD Kids Ill be gla…

  • 1 of 3

    This is 1 of 3 Lati I have left.. I do have 2 more heads too. I wish the Lati market didnt die. :/

  • Riding Around

    Really a great day :D

  • Nothing better than a day like today

    Its Sunny and 70's And I admit I had to go Driving around in my car with the windows down and the music Blaring a really great afternoon :D

  • Get your motor running....

  • Headed out for a ride

  • Perfect Scooter Weather

    And Kohl Just had to take advantage of it :D

  • First thing

    Just decided to play with Pippi a moment... Not sure what her fate is since I really really really want to downsize some. A bit overwhelmed in the Blythes lately :/

  • Santina Ferris Wheel

    Another of my Favorite Shots <3 Just trying to upload a picture or two of each of my Blythes!

  • Hazie Baby

    I remember HOW excited I was to get her, every day I would wish for her when Sammy was making her, the Night I heard she might part with her I could not sleep, I was DYING to know if I would be the lucky one, I was Fretting and freaking out, I was sweatin…

  • Uli

    Just uploading a favor picture or two of each of my dollies. Slowly but surely :D

  • Menace cover

    Well I positively had to find a cover more suiting and of course for now it had to be of Menace :)

  • Iridopelma Lullaby

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