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  • The Butterflies are Coming

  • I don't think this is the image the marketing round table had in mind

  • Hard to believe

    That in an hour we're going to get pummeled with maybe a foot of snow

  • First Snow!

    So this is what 30 degrees looks like during monsoon season.

  • LEA0649web

    Natural maple burl and bloodwood segmented fountain pen

  • LEA0315web

    Natural curly maple wood turned fountain pen

  • LEA0416web

    Natural curly birch wood burl turned pen

  • LEA0446web

    Natural redwood burl turned fountain pen

  • LEA0280web

    Natural goncalo alves wood turned sketch pencil

  • LEA0533web

    Natural big leaf maple burl wood turned pencil

  • LEA1115web

    Natural aspen turned wood wine stopper

  • LEA0755web

    Shedua and maple segmented wood turned wood wine stopper

  • LEA1068web

    Cherry wood turned wine stopper

  • LEA0814web

    Cherry wood turned wine stopper

  • LEA0800web

    Cherry wood turned wine stopper

  • LEA0982web

    Claro walnut turned wine stopper

  • LEA0901web

  • LEA0897x

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