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Bubalus: búfalo Murrah, jovem

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ombres irisées au coucher de soleil

étang de Gripport


...Des ténèbres...

Loup. No crop.

Isla de Mouro




This chirpy little chaffinch says "Hello!". Taken at Haweswater, Northern Lakes **Haweswater Reservoir was created by Act of Parliament in 1929 and the lovely valley of Mardale was flooded. The villages of Measand and Mardale Green ceased to be, and the farming community moved elsewhere (after a great Public outcry!). Once, during a period of drought many years ago, we visited this valley and parts of the ruined buildings could be seen. Reading "On Beulagh Heights" by Reg Hill many years ago, I thought…



A day of perfect calm and the Lakeland scenery looked as beautiful as ever. Ullswater* stretched northwards before us, reflecting the blue of the sky, the Cruiser headed slowly back to Patterdale and the hayfields basked in that warm sunshine.... Taken on the Hause, Northern Lakes, LDNP *The origin of the name 'Ullswater' is uncertain. Whaley suggests " 'Ulf's lake', from Old Norse pers.[onal] n.[ame] 'Ulfr' plus Middle English 'water' influenced in usage by Old Norse 'vatn' 'water', 'lake' ....'Ulfr' is…
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