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1-10 Project: 4 Pink Poppy Petals

This is what I consider a very special image. I remember walking into my front garden and seeing a pink glow down near the ground as the sun was just rising over the hillside. I dropped down into a crouch to stare in rapt amazement at this beautiful little poppy, appreciating the wonderful show it was putting on. The four pink translucent petals overlapped one another and created four darker spots in the shape of an cool is that? I ran inside and returned with my camera so that I could attempt to ca…

Meadow Brown....Close Up

4 - Four - Vier

Actually, I wanted to choose a photo of four burning candles on a Christmas wreath, but it just does not fit into August. The picture which I have now selected, fits rather well into autumn. But it reflects quite well my current mood. Sun ist shining around a few dry leafs.


The whimbrel is a large wading bird. It has longish legs and a long bill that curves near the tip. It is brownish above and whitish below. In flight, it shows a white 'V' shape up its back from its tail. In the UK, this species only breeds in north Scotland. It is a passage migrant to other areas in spring and autumn on its way from and to its wintering areas in South Africa.


Smaller than a redshank, turnstones have a mottled appearance with brown or chestnut and black upperparts and brown and white or black and white head pattern, whilst their underparts are white and legs orange. They spend most of their time creeping and fluttering over rocks, picking out food from under stones.