Posted on 12/02/2007

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When the weather outside is frightful

When the weather outside is frightful
I made these pens last week. Cool, huh? I have been fascinated by turned
wood, I think, since the first time I grabbed a wooden chair leg when I was
learning to walk. I have always loved the feel and scent of wood. Circumstances and need came together and I purchased a lathe last week. These pens are the result of my steep and sometimes painful (flying debris and a couple of mashed fingers) learning curve, but the enjoyment of the experience and (future) results make it well worth it. I don't want to mention the pile of fancy kindling I've produced for the fireplace...

Have you ever noticed that people have a yen for pens? I think pens have
got to be the #1 begged, borrowed, and stolen item in our culture. Money
comes close, but I don't think people are as likely to "accidentally" walk
off with someone's money as they are the pen they used to sign the credit
card slip. Tip money is left on the table in a restaurant in plan sight,
but ask any busy waiter or waitress how many pens they lose in a day. Just
about anyone who deals with 'The Public' deals with the daily frustration of
disappearing pens. Businesses even try chaining them to countertops. And
these are just cheap pens! If pens are on display for sale, it seems few
people can pass by without caving to the urge to pick one up and take it for
a test scribble or practice their signature. I think it is all very
interesting and amusing... now that I no longer have a small business with
an empty pen chain dangling from the counter.

So, how about you, do you share this yen for pens? Are you happy to simply
Click your Bic or do you use (or wish for) a "fine writing
instrument"? Do you prefer a ballpoint, fountain pen, or a rollerball?
Gold, platinum, nickel, stainless, black titanium trim, or a combination?
Shiny or satin finish? Personalized with initials or engraved signature?
Light wood, dark wood, metal, or colorful acrylic? Slimline, hefty, or fat
"cigar" pen style? Do you writers, poets, and editors among have a special
pen for such work? And the final question: what the hell am I going to do
with all these pens?! ;)

I think I'll try to make some Christmas ornaments next.

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Illo Jütte
Illo Jütte
YOU made them????? With a lathe???
Unbelievable! And REALLY COOL, MAN !!!

I rarely use ballpoints, I --how do you call it?-- have a "yen" for fountain pens....:-)) No matter how they look like, the pen must be in a special way: It must be soft and not too narrow, too thin. And I only use black ink, although I'm not allowed to on documents....
8 years ago.
Are you THAT surprised???? :D

A good pen that fits the hand just right and puts down the ink in the way you like is very satisfying, isn't it? I hope to make pens that will give people that satisfaction as well as a feeling of joy every time they pick it up. Unfortunately, my own handwriting is terrible and difficult to read no matter what pen I have.
8 years ago.
Illo Jütte has replied to LateNightOwl
Yes, I AM surprised, because I know what lathing means! And I admire people who are able to do that.....
And: Yes, You ARE right: There is hardly a better feeling than writing with a well adjusted pen.
8 years ago.
They are pretty enough to be Christmas tree decorations!!!

I like mine pretty big, I can't even write with thin pens anymore. Heck, I can't handwrite at all any more, LOL!

So you started a new business up there? Cool! :-)
8 years ago.
LateNightOwl has replied to Pandarine
No, not another business for me!!! I'm doing this for the fun of it and to give me something to keep me occupied. My joints are telling me that going out and about to take pictures in the freezing weather is out of the question. But maybe I can make a few bucks to pay for the tools and supplies as I still wait for Social security to come through.
8 years ago.
Pandarine has replied to LateNightOwl
Keeping my fingers crossed. AND my toes!
8 years ago.
Illo Jütte has replied to LateNightOwl
I don't know if I'm telling nonsense now, but I know that there is an online shop selling those things for you:
(But I think you know better than any European where and how to sell things....)

Tante Käthe, with crunching/gnashing/grating joints....
8 years ago.
Pandarine has replied to Illo Jütte
Shhhhhh, Illo, don't tell nobody: Click ;-)))
8 years ago.
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Mike Soto
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