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  • My, how we have changed!

    Almost 5 years and apparently we haven't changed much. (compare to my Flickr icon) Though you can't tell it from this picture, we really enjoy the added space in the girls' new room.

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  • I Love You

    Thank you for your support and caring. Though it feels broken in grief for my Swoozie, my heart is full and I know I am blessed because of dear ones like you. There is so much I would like to say, but for now, please know that you are loved.

  • Swoozie's Sunset

    It was a suitably golden sunset this evening to light Swoozie's way to the Rainbow Bridge. I had hoped our time together would be longer, but it was not to be. Swoozie told me this morning that she was ready to journey on. The promise would be kept and…

  • Swoozie

    I'm sad to report that we are losing the battle with Swoozie's cancer. The first round of chemo helped her a lot and gave us several weeks of being together and enjoying life. But that evil cancer has mutated, grown, and is probably spreading, unaffecte…

  • The Annual Portrait

    And the out-takes :)

  • Happy New Year

  • Angie Day

    Please join me in celebrating Angie Week! I'm a little late in posting this, but you all know that we have a tendency to extend official celebrations over several days, if not weeks. Angie came into our lives two years ago on December 27th. In truth, s…

  • Love and Hugs

    And happy holidays. ---------------------- Thank you so much for sending your healing love to Swoozie. We may not be able to give you real hugs, but we send you our love and hold you in our hearts always. Swoozie started her chemo treatments last Sunday…

  • Share?

    Sometimes Dora doesn't think sharing is in her best interest. ;)

  • Toots

    It has taken me a few weeks to get the mechanics right to consistently turn a good wooden whistle. There are lots of little details that go into producing a pleasant "toot" sound. One of the most important rules of whistle making is to be sure the glue…


    WoodenYouKnowIt, it has taken me almost a year to put up a website and it still isn't finished! LOL I hope you'll check it out if you have a few minutes. There is a 10% discount for my Flickr Friends who might want to make a pur…

  • Silly Girls, Silly Faces

    Swoozie and Hayley Thank you so much all who are sending love and keeping Swoozie in your prayers. She is a lucky girl to have angels like you in her corner! Her symptoms are improving, and she remains happy, playful, and full of life, leaving the fret…

  • The Swooze

    We are in need of another miracle. Got the test results on Thanksgiving morning telling us Swoozie has Transitional Cell Carcinoma (TCC). Basically, it is an aggressive cancer in her bladder and urethra. She has begun basic treatment with an NSAID tha…

  • Sleepy Beauty

    Dorable, relaxed and ready for her after dinner nap... but keeping eyes and ears open just in case there is dessert.

  • Alice - Queen of the Winter Carnival

    Full of love, Alice is the picture of grace, beauty, and dignity... when she's not being a goofy, silly, girl inciting others to play. Uploaded with the Flock Browser

  • Hayley Snowplow

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  • Snow Day Play

    I'm exhausted! More pics later

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