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  • Kids

    Syrian refugee kids while drumming and singing (and they did quite well with that) and trying to earn some bucks. Captured at Crete, Chania harbour in june 2017

  • Closeup

    Beauftiful girl with sunglasses takes a drink

  • Duckface

    Found this beautiful 2CV between a house and a dumpster on Crete :-)

  • Sunny girls

  • Pool ;-)

  • Özdere boardwalk @ nights

  • Summer III

    Had a lot of fun during the shooting and a great experience because now i understand the connection between aperture, shutter-speed and exposure while taking photos of moving objects at less light ^_^

  • Summer II

    My gf with her quarterhorse ... Great location, great mood...

  • Summer I

    Used a nice summer evening for a shooting ... (oh and yeah i know, her eyes are nearly closed but that scene was so very special, nearly magical ...)

  • Parrot

    Captured @ Tierpark Bretten, Germany

  • Kangaroo

    Captured @ Tierpark Bretten, Germany

  • Peacock II

    Captured @ Tierpark Bretten, Germany

  • Peacock I

    Captured @ Tierpark Bretten, Germany

  • Polarwolf

    ...after lunch

  • Mr. Brown Bear

    Mr. Brown Bear having lunch

  • Mr. Brown Bear

    Mr. Brown Bear ... Balou preparing for lunch

  • IMG 0259


  • Jac's Eighty Six

    My little boy :)

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