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  • rainbow blythe circle

  • elvie by the window.

    glorious She puppy face up.

  • Skelita, still boxed.

    I just love her!

  • hey that's me!

    I love this so much!

  • A glorious card for me..

    My fella wrote the words and my son did the colouring in.

  • little wall art

    bit of vintage tulle in the foreground too, vintage skipper

  • lovely style

    I spray painted the wardrobe pink, and I love it!

  • wardrobe love

    quite a collection!

  • still life in miniature

  • tea time !

    cosy kitchen corner

  • big and little

    I love these mini blythe figures, so cute!

  • Weetsie, up close

  • Jellybean, staying cool

    a cruisey day in dolly world

  • Miele's close up

    bit of dolly love and good light today!

  • Luka's new Jammies!

    so so cute, the skeleton pj's onesie from my daughters lalaloopsy. If only they came in my size!

  • Sugar!!!

    she has a new Neemo Body, and it suits her complexion like a dream!! and I finally solved the wobble head problem with tiny elastic bands on her neck!

  • Red head dolly

    sweet sixties doll, unknown origin

  • middie shoes!

    barbie's sister kelly shoes, fit middie blythe

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