Posted on 06/24/2007

Photo taken on August 15, 2005


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..August 29, 2005

..August 29, 2005
Not only do I pray Hurricane Katrina victims be as resilient as the Wild Prairie Grasses pictured here, but just as Blue Skies are certain to follow every storm, I pray that Courage and Strength would rise like a new dawn upon each and every person dealing with her aftermath...

I just now discovered a Flickr group called A day on Earth by Flickeries: September 29, 2005. Each member in the group is organizing to capture one date specific image whose subject depicts a uniquely defining characteristic about their Life as a Flickr User. Images cannot be published to the group until September 29th dawns in each member's time zone.

The result will be a fascinating collection of images depicting how, on any given day, Flickr touches the entire World.

What caused the group to jump out at me from the list was the date in its name: It's exactly one month from today - the day Hurricane Katrina chose to introduced herself.

..I couldn't help but imagine the types of pictures that would have been generated, world-wide, had this group's Maiden Voyage been scheduled for today.

Utter tragedy? Untold personal suffering? Yes. Of course.

But stories of victory over the elements would begin to emerge as the date line moved across the Globe. Front page headlines like "..Mankind rides out yet another horrific natural disaster!..." would appear on magazine and newspaper stands everywhere.

In her aftermath, as the far reaching effects of Katrina make themselves known around the world, 'a day on earth' begins their count down to September 29th. Posted to a discussion thread there, I pray that this dedication will in some small way serve as a reminder, prompting us to reevaluate and appreciate, by photographing, what has even become the mundane in our daily lives .. lest we forget how fleeting Life is, Hurricane Katrina reminds us.

L8o n3LL
Winnipeg, Manitoba CANADA