Beside sketching this and that I have two little themed books which I intend to fill with drawings, "Beach Findings" is almost full, and with "fish" I just started out. - I started with the beach findings: In summer 2014 I brought a selection of stones and shells home with me from the British coast, and decided to make a drawing of a slection from them every day. Making this a daily thing turned …  (read more)

knowledge - second page

knowledge - first page

knowledge little booklet

rusty metal thing and shell

beach finding sketch. This is kind of a series, where I am arranging things I collected on the beach last year over and over again and then draw them.

beach sketch


beach findings

my (not quite) daily beach finding sketch in progress pastel pencils by cretacolor. - I love them!

Fish Drawing

I started with "daily" fish drawings a while back, and although I - almost - gave up on the fish drawings book, this is a coming back to the motive. Paired with asemic writing on this page. "daily" is in quotes because it is more a name than something I really do daily. After filling one small journal with drawings of items found on the beach, I started a new one with the intention to draw fish there. I am not sure whether I have given up on drawing fish or whether I am just taking a break. I might start a new journal in the same format with a different topic and see where it goes.

daily fish 30/10/16


27 items in total