Beside sketching this and that I have two little themed books which I intend to fill with drawings, "Beach Findings" is almost full, and with "fish" I just started out. - I started with the beach findings: In summer 2014 I brought a selection of stones and shells home with me from the British coast, and decided to make a drawing of a slection from them every day. Making this a daily thing turned …  (read more)

Beach Sketch final page

page 32. Most of the brown Kraft paper pages in this sketchbook have a white gesso background. I left some pages as they are, and on very few I applied black gesso. I did struggle with the black, I must say. But with this outcome I am quite satisfied.

Beach Findings Page 31

another of my beach finding sketches. This is page 31 of 32. One more to go and the sketchbook is filled.

Beach Findings

strictly speaking I didn't find this dried out pod on a beach, but I thought it fitted within the general look and is now in my beach findinds sketchbook. Page 28.

fish drawing

pencil, charcoal, cretacolour and coloured pencil

Fish drawing

not daily anymore..., pencil and charcoal


pencil drawing with some water soluble pencil colouring. Unfortunately the next page in my sketchbook shows a little through on this scan.

Schooling Fish


daily fish drawing. - My apologies for uploading it late: I have been waiting to show it together with the next page because I don't like this one not so awfully much, but the next fish in this book hasn't happened yet. That is because I have been (literally) been drawing hundreds of smaller fish for my current book project. For example this one here and this one yesterday, which I rather like

page 21b

scan from my journal with not quite daily beach finding sketches
27 items in total