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Project Message in a Bottle - The Bottles

raingirl club
What a cool project you do. And I finally made it to the bottom of your wordpress blog to discover that you started that blog in 2013! Such follow through. I start and stop things way more than follow through especially over years!!

I loved the stories of found bottles (the ones I had time to read). And I also find it interesting the idea of giving away one's art. It is a happy reason to be a photographer, because I can print another photo almost exactly like the one I pass on.

I wonder what inspires your choices for the interior of the bottles, what inspired you to begin this project and why you continue (I think it's a good thing, I just wonder why). But mostly I just enjoy seeing your posts here on ipernity.
3 months ago.
 Hilke Kurzke
Hilke Kurzke club
Oh wow, thanks for reading the whole blog :-)

The bottles I use are milk bottles from my twins. They were born prematurely and couldn't be breastfed, and also - because they were so premature - couldn't be fed wit the milk powder you might be familiar with for formula milk. Instead they had (until they reached a certain age) this pre-formulated liquid milk which came in these tiny glass bottles. I just couldn't bring myself to throw them away. And while caring for two premature babies, I thought of the "message in a bottle" song from police a lot. - It's hard to get out of the house with two babies who need regular feeds, nappy changes, meds and care. Well, and so one thing came to another. I still have about 20 bottles left. That will probably be the end of the project.

I don't know where exactly ideas for bottle fillings come from. Where does any idea ever come from? - They seem to float in the air and you just need to catch them :-) Most of the bottle fillings, however, are left-overs of other projects. Prints I am currently making, or something like that.

I have negleted my ipernity account a lot in recent years. It's good to hear that people are still interested. Maybe I should put up more again.

Thanks for your comment!
3 months ago.

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