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  • Message in a Bottle No. 97

    Title: Small Worlds - The Shower Made: April 2018 Dispatched: 12/06/Toulouse, France Found:

  • Message in a Bottle No. 96

    Title: Small Worlds - Chocolate Made: April 2018 Dispatched: 2/6/2018 Skegness, Central Beach Found: 2/6/2018 Skegness, Central Beach

  • Message in a Bottle No. 99

    Title: Lost in the Shower Made: April 2018 Dispatched: October 9th, Don Sheffield Found:

  • Message in a Bottle No. 98

    Title: Streets of Nottingham Made: April 2018 Dispatched: Found:

  • Messages in Bottles - No. 93, 94, and 95

    Bottle No. 93 (the one in the middle) Title: Monoprint Fish Made: 28/10/2017 Dispatched: 2/6/2018 Skegness Central Beach Found: Bottle No. 94 (left) Title: Autumn Leaves Made: 29/10/2018 Dispatched: 3/6/2018 Skegness Central Beach Found: 3/6/2018 Skegnes…

  • Message in a Bottle No. 92

    Title: What can I tell You? Made: 25/04/2017 Dispatched: 15/08/2017 into the river Rhine from the river bank at the Maaraue in Mainz Found: 25/08/2017 just a few meters downstream at the Maaraue

  • Message in a Bottle No. 91 - Detail

    This time the table is oriented as would be expected

  • Message in a Bottle No. 91

    Title: Come Eat With Me It looks a bit weird like this, becaue you are seeing the table from underneath, set with two apples, chocolate and a cup made: 25/04/2017 dispatched: found

  • Message in a Bottle No. 90

    Title: Three Letters Featuring chocolate, an apple, and three miniature letters (can be removed from the enveloped that are glued to the board) Made: 25/04/2017 Dispatched: Found:

  • Message in a Bottle No. 89

    Title: Ward Made: 25/04/2017 Dispatched: 10/08/2017 near Rotterdam Found:

  • Message in a Bottle No. 88

    Title: Parcel, Book, Apple - featuring a handmade miniature woven carpet with a parcel, a book (not blank) and an apple. Made: 24/04/2017 Dispatched: 15/08/2017 Südbrücke Mainz Found:

  • Detail of message in a bottle No. 88

    showing the actual message from me to the finder and the included mini book

  • chelsea bridge

    Bottles with numbers 86 (right) and 87. Tossed into the River Thames on April 12th. No. 87 was found on April 17th two bends downstream from there. No. 86 was found in September 2018 (for the 2nd? time) in London Richmond area

  • Message in a Bottle No. 85

    Title: Small World - The woven Chair made: 02/03/16 dispatched: 24/12/2016 Telgte, River Ems found:

  • Message in a Bottle No. 84

    sealed: 20/01/2016 dispatched: 5/9/2016 in Frankfurt am Main found:

  • Message in a Bottle No. 83

    sealed: 20/01/2016 dispatched: found:

  • Small World - Apple Trees (No. 82)

    Another message in a bottle from my small world series. The basket and the apples are glued to the base, the book and the pencil are free moving. In this photo the bottle is not yet sealed. - The light coming in from the top yields much better images :-)…

  • flaschenpost no 81

    Title: "Small Worlds - Mail" made/closed off: 12/01/2016 dispatched: "first dispatch" 13/12/2016 via Royal Mail to University of Wales in Swansea, to participate in an exhibition of messages in bottles put into the water: ??? (I asked them to throw the…

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