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Genesis of a Book

A trial at photo-blogging about a new book.

playing with circles

playing with some shapes today. I thought I'd make raised design leather covers from them. I am not sure yet where this is going, though.

playing with circles II

I showed you the circle design on my covers already in a less finished state. Now the boards are covered with a dark brown goat skin. I am pondering putting on some gold here and there...

The lure of gold

I decided to add some metal as well as gold acrylics. - I should have left it as it was, I guess. The acrylics seem dull, and the metal leaf is so shiny that it seems unbalanced. Don't know how to continue at this point.

work in progress

Book covers and pages this morning. I have added pouches, two small ones in the front and a large one at the end of the book, made from the same paper as the paste-downs. You can see here, how the metal foil is much more brilliant than the golden acrylic paint. (see notes) I disliked that the last time I realized. But this morning I thought, it was actually a nice effect. Needed just some touching up on the other cover...

work in progress

this ring was painted with acrylic paint and this was just too dull in comparisson with the bright round on the other cover. So I added metal foil here too, as well as to some of the dots.

work in progress

another view of the two covers with the pouches on the front and end

work in progress

after some other work I decided to start the binding. I wanted to try K. Smith's method of sewing on raised cords without a sewing frame, in particular what he calls the "fixed tension method". For this one starts off with a sewing across the spine. I decided on a 2-needle Coptic binding with Celctic weave.

work in progress

primary binding is done. Now I wanted to add a variant of the icicle. But I found it terrible hard to do without a sewing frame! I have just undone my first trial (which didn't work well for other reasons as well). So This is again where I will start again tomorrow.

starting over

as planned yesterday, I set up the sewing frame this morning, and did it once again.
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