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Urbo dum nokto - de DĴ Kunar
Title:Urbo dum nokto
Artist:DJ Kunar
Duration:3m 9s
Frequency:44100 KHz
Audio Bitrate128 kbps
Audio Layer3
BandDJ Kunar
Channel ModeJoint Stereo
Comment (xxx)
ComposerGunnar R. Fischer
ConductorDJ Kunar
CopyrightGunnar R. Fischer
Copyright FlagFalse
Encoder SettingsGunnar R. Fischer
Intensity StereoOff
Lame Bitrate128 kbps
Lame Low Pass Filter17 kHz
Lame MethodCBR
Lame Quality3
Lame Stereo ModeJoint Stereo
Lame VBR Quality4
MPEG Audio Version1
MS StereoOn
Original ArtistDJ Kunar
Original LyricistGunnar R. Fischer
Original MediaTrue
User Defined Text(replaygain_track_gain) -0.30 dB