stone bridge, Utrecht

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stone bridge, Utrecht

Pentax MX in Venice (colour 9)

01 Mar 2011 5 2 652
Pentax MX, various lenses, Kodak Ektar 100, commercial dev and scan tweaked in Lightroom 1.4.

kissing gate

14 Nov 2020 3 33
Near Ayot St Lawrence new church. Pentax LX, Kodak Ektachrome, 2019.

Old Cars (1)

23 Jun 2011 226
Seen in Hitchin Market Square on "World Pentax Day" 2011. Pentax Z20, SMC Pentax-F 35-70 zoom lens, Kodacolor 200 ASA film.


25 Mar 2020 114
This is a light meter from the early 1960s which would have attached to the pentaprism housing of a camera like the Pentax SV.

haystack in a tree

06 Mar 2006 3 3 118
This haystack is made in a tree to keep it above the snow in winter. Summer 1993. Pentax MX.

Lancaster bomber

04 Aug 2012 267
Seen at the Military and Flying Machines show in Essex, 4-8-2012. Pentax K20D, SMC Pentax-DA* 50-135mm f/2.8 lens. Taken by Ellen Shlasko.

Shenley lock up.


10 Mar 2009 139
Gargoyle, York Minster

Out walking (3)

01 Dec 2010 170
Hunter's Bridge on the Ayot Greenway. Pentax KM, Ilford Delta 100 ASA, SMC-A 28mm f/2.8 lens at f/4.

April 21: Kings Cross shadows

21 Apr 2015 5 788
I grabbed one shot today, and this was it. The shadows caught my eye as I was rushing to the office. Pentax K-3, SMC Pentax 'K' 30mm f/2.8 lens.

Constanta fountain (2)

31 Jul 2010 180
Fountain in the square in front of the railway station in Constanta, Romania. Pentax K20D with S-M-C Takumar 28mm f/3.5 lens.

Canterbury Cathedral tombs (8)

22 Jun 2012 1 421
Various tombs on Canterbury Cathedral. Shot using a Pentax MX, Fuji Neopan 1600 and either a SMC Pentax 50mm f/1.2 or a SMC Pentax 135mm f/2.5 lens.

Sibiu drain

16 Jun 2012 161
One of the fancy drain covers in Sibiu in the early morning light.

Oct 21: Selfie

21 Oct 2020 2 4 37
Theme day for the "Single in.. " challenge. A selfie with a 150mm lens on APS-C on a wet and rainy day was a challenge. It stopped raining for just a short while as the light was failing at the end of the afternoon, so I nipped out quickly with my tripod and made use of my motorcycle wing mirror. Pentax K-3, SMC Pentax "K" 150mm f/4 lens (@f/8, 1/30, ISO 800).

Last roll (20)

26 Nov 2010 1 180
Getting ready to post it to Switzerland. See this set for the full story!

Jan 5: bells

05 Jan 2020 1 1 116
A mini set of bells which came in a Christmas cracker. Pentax Q-S1, 06 telephoto zoom.

Tiger II (production version)

31 Dec 2017 28
The Tank Museum's Tiger Tank exhibition which ran in 2017--2018.

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