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1ª Muzika Konkurso de la revuo Kontatko
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Resolution:300 x 300 dpi
Dimension:2457 x 3390 pixels
Created on:2011:11:01 18:21:24-02:00
Modified on:2014:02:11 11:30:32
Software:Adobe Photoshop CS5 Windows
Color ModeCMYK
Color SpaceUncalibrated
CompressionJPEG (old-style)
Derived From Document IDuuid:381750B2C604E11190DF94826 2AAAB22
Derived From Instance IDxmp.iid:E6A28B782093E311BB53CA F7B76F7464
Derived From Original Document IDuuid:381750B2C604E11190DF94826 2AAAB22
Document Ancestorsadobe:docid:indd:10f62b83-522f -11dc-9a52-c0b5a7894261, uuid:081210DB75D7DD1192299365F D62E4FD, uuid:201762572721DD11925BF551F 2817B2B, uuid:30BDA109FF56E211A6F3A4971 9234616, uuid:8A589FA6BD0BDC11BA6AF6145 5FBA18B, uuid:B44ADB8FDDEEDC11ABDAC2560 7A9BC12, uuid:D6081AE9A896DB118A7F8C3C1 C894456, uuid:FD39FF220030E11190BE86883 04B4C3E
History Actionsaved, saved, saved, saved, saved, saved, saved, converted, derived, saved
History Changed/, /, /, /, /, /, /, /
History Instance IDxmp.iid:C06539B8EA89E3118720D5 4843DDD4D1, xmp.iid:C16539B8EA89E3118720D5 4843DDD4D1, xmp.iid:C26539B8EA89E3118720D5 4843DDD4D1, xmp.iid:C36539B8EA89E3118720D5 4843DDD4D1, xmp.iid:C46539B8EA89E3118720D5 4843DDD4D1, xmp.iid:E5A28B782093E311BB53CA F7B76F7464, xmp.iid:E6A28B782093E311BB53CA F7B76F7464, xmp.iid:E7A28B782093E311BB53CA F7B76F7464
History Parametersfrom application/vnd.adobe.photosho p to image/jpeg, converted from application/vnd.adobe.photosho p to image/jpeg
History Software AgentAdobe Photoshop CS5 Windows, Adobe Photoshop CS5 Windows, Adobe Photoshop CS5 Windows, Adobe Photoshop CS5 Windows, Adobe Photoshop CS5 Windows, Adobe Photoshop CS5 Windows, Adobe Photoshop CS5 Windows, Adobe Photoshop CS5 Windows
History When2014:01:30 18:11:35-02:00, 2014:01:30 18:11:35-02:00, 2014:01:30 18:12:18-02:00, 2014:01:30 18:20:48-02:00, 2014:01:30 18:49:45-02:00, 2014:02:11 11:29:02-02:00, 2014:02:11 11:30:32-02:00, 2014:02:11 11:30:32-02:00
ICC Profile NameU.S. Web Coated (SWOP) v2
Image Size2457x3390
Metadata Date2014:02:11 11:30:32-02:00
Original Document IDuuid:381750B2C604E11190DF94826 2AAAB22
Resolution Unitinches
Thumbnail Offset314
XMP ToolkitAdobe XMP Core 5.0-c060 61.134777, 2010/02/12-17:32:00