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Just focus on the flower.

07 Oct 2015 5 339
[en] Come home drained or frayed? Enjoy the welcome sight of this flower (part of my recent still life video practice). Feel better. (And apologies for the wind blowing thru the built–in microphone.)

Still Life Practice 2015.10.07

07 Oct 2015 2 287
When I got my Nikon Coolpix P510, I was so excited to start using it that I neglected to ‪#‎ReadTheManual‬ first (HA!). Well, because I am itching to make some documentary video movies next year, I have started engaging in video–making practice which requires that I 1) make a new video of even the most mundane–seeming activity, 2) view and edit/assemble the end results, and 3) (yes) re–read the PDF manual which explains how I can do better the next time. For your amusement, a little bit of zen still life courtesy of the plant on my parents' front stoop. Pay no attention to the cars passing by on the soundtrack.

The queue for the okonomyaki

Ondo rehearsal

Jen nia flago! (filmeto)

12 Apr 1946 3 1 413
Jes, mi estas tro fiera pri tiu ĉi!

Rosegarden Television Opening

Just One Story... (Nur unu rakonto...) 002 - Diane…

20 Jan 2010 2 3 892
The second episode in the online storytelling series, again featuring Diane Wolkstein - and this time a very short story from the Buddhists. / La dua epizodo en la serio pri la rakonto, denove kun Diane Wolkstein - kaj, ĉi-foje, mallonga budhisma rakonto.

Just One Story... (Nur unu rakonto...) 001 - Diane…

25 Dec 2009 1 819
Fulmovideo-surbendigo (per video-kamerao Flip) de la fama rakontistino Diane Wolkstein (en la angla) kun Tao-rakonto, ke komencas kiam la ĉevalo de kultivisto foriras... La unua epizodo de nova video-serio far Philip David Morgan. / A flash-video recording (made with a Flip camcorder) of the celebrated storyteller Diane Wolkstein with a Taoist tale that begins when a farmer's horse runs away... The first episode of a new video series by Philip David Morgan.

Ĉe la kafejo "Cool Beanz"

17 May 2009 3 4 837
Jes, mi estas maniuliĝita... al kafo, Al trinkaĵoj "latte." Sensucre. 1% lakto. Elportota. Simplega. Subendiĝita ciferece kaj en la angla per videokamerao Flip Video ĉe la kafejo "Cool Beanz" de Saint James, Novjorkio, Usono (neniu tie uzas Esperanton).