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West Falls Church Station

We were waiting for you

07 Nov 2013 148
One of the many Fairfax Connection buses in Fairfax County, Virginia, here stopped to take on passengers.

West Falls Church mapped out

07 Nov 2013 171
The Metro system ties light rail and bus service, the latter provided by Fairfax Connection in Virginia.

Welcome to Union Station

07 Nov 2013 155
The Metro (Washington Metro) light rail/subway system — the Red line in this case. (In the Metro rail system, each train line is assigned a colour — Orange, Blue, Green, and so on. That beats the New York MTA subway system's maze of letters and numbers.)

Exactly what the sign says

07 Nov 2013 147
Midway on the bus ride to Washington, we were allowed to stretch our legs (and get food and drink) at this rest stop just south of the state line between New Jersey and Delaware.

Leaving New York (for a while)

07 Nov 2013 149
Is it morning yet? Waiting to board a BoltBus for the 4.5 hour ride to Union Station in Washington, D.C., and from there to Reston, Virginia. BoltBus is one of a number of private bus lines that offer direct service to Washington, D.C. and other key cities in the Northeastern U.S. Usually an advance reservation online guarantees a seat for as little as USD $20 to $25 each way (it depends on when you book your trip).

Somera rikolto

09 Jul 2013 4 4 325
...kaj jes, mi gepatroj volas aperi en televido-reklamo (se ĝi pagas bone)...

Central Park flowers in bloom

12 May 2013 5 4 251
New York City • 12 May 2013.

Serious machinery

12 May 2013 3 199
Imagine having to tote all that (camera and tripod) all over the place.

This way to the yukata

How did that sentai get in here?

Where did that mecha come from?

Hands this way

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