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  • Ĉu vi pretas, kara Alice?

    La nova nomo (kaj vizaĝo) de mia vidkanalo ĉe Vimeo:

  • Kara rakontistino...

    ...mi ne forgesos vin, Diana. Mi amas vin. ©2016 Perennial Alice.

  • Just focus on the flower.

    [en] Come home drained or frayed? Enjoy the welcome sight of this flower (part of my recent still life video practice). Feel better. (And apologies for the wind blowing thru the built–in microphone.)

  • Still Life Practice 2015.10.07

    When I got my Nikon Coolpix P510, I was so excited to start using it that I neglected to ‪#‎ReadTheManual‬ first (HA!). Well, because I am itching to make some documentary video movies next year, I have started engaging in video–making practice which requ…

  • The journey that waited 500 years to begin

    ...starts now. r (320kbps stereo)

  • Ĉu vi volas aĉeti KD–ojn por infanoj?

  • Janice Buckner at 2014 Charles Dickens Festival

  • Chocolate lover's paradise

  • Raffle gift baskets

  • Translation, please? • Mi petas tradukon

  • One busy dining room

  • Lunch is served

  • Advent candles

  • ...but the decors are so delightful

  • O, the weather outside is frightful (if not snowy)

    The Christ Episcopal Church of Port Jefferson is located rather out of the way from the rest of the Dickens Festival — southeast of the municipal car park, and away from the downtown area.

  • Janice Buckner at 2014 Charles Dickens Festival

  • Janice Buckner at 2014 Charles Dickens Festival

  • Janice Buckner kantas malnovajn britajn kantojn

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