vintage bottle full of bubbles

i was washing out this bottle after using it to root some cuttings, the soap bubbles were just too pretty not to shoot.

autumn 2013

the best thing about Autumn has to be the colours. so beautiful, but sadly, so short-lived.

Doreen Baptism

My sweet Tante Eva has been on my mind. We lost her quite suddenly and my deepest sympathies go out to all her family. While thinking about her I retouched this old photo from a precious moment in our family's history, my sister's baptism. Tante Eva is my sister's Godmother. She was always so happy when we were all together. I want to always remember her like that.

Only in Canada

This is where you'll see patio furniture, the Palm trees already put out for the summer and the snow shovel still held at the ready!! just in case.

Pink Ribbon BCA with shadow

this is a .png, free for use by anyone. please use it in your personal artwork and tributes for October, Breast Cancer Awareness month.

pink sneakers

in honour of all those who run for the cure!

The Rare Northern Orange

I'm not entirely convinced that tending to finicky citrus plants up here in the north is truly worth it, but I have to admit, getting the occasional fruit can be exciting!