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  • Happy Easter!!!

  • Orchids on black

    When it finished blooming a neighbour wanted to throw this orchid away. Her husband brought it to me, knowing I have a soft spot for plants. It first began it's rebloom in November and is currently in full bloom and still going strong. What a beauty!

  • House Finch

    House finch, I believe. Please correct me if I'm wrong.

  • Hallowe'en 2015

    scaring the kids!

  • Harvest 2015

    a few of the beauties out of my little garden.

  • tiny silvery spider

    this tiny beauty was gracing the Hot Cocoa rose. I have to admit, I much prefer sneaking up on them than having them sneak up on me.

  • The Rare Northern Orange

    I'm not entirely convinced that tending to finicky citrus plants up here in the north is truly worth it, but I have to admit, getting the occasional fruit can be exciting!

  • Ralphi showing her teeth

    she looks angry, but really, she's just yawning.

  • Mr & Mrs Cardinal, entertaining a neighbour.

  • Two More

  • the Odd Couple

    through the window, and it could have been a little clearer, but I thought it was cute.

  • Mrs Cardinal on fence

    such a cutie!

  • Two little visitors

    I have really been enjoying the activity outside this Winter. Taken through the window, of course.

  • For the birds??

    YAH!! so I'm trying to help out the birds...

  • Peek-a-Boo

    A couple of visitors this winter.

  • Eine Nacht in Wien (A Night in Vienna)

    Sifting through the archives and memories… this was part of my 50th b-day celebration with my family in Vienna. Oh what a day! Seems so long ago, now.

  • Mrs Cardinal

    bird on a wire

  • Cardinal on vine with snow

    Through the window and from far away. Quality isn't great, but I am so happy to see these cardinals sticking around.

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