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Abyssinian Ground Hornbill (Female)

Abyssinian Ground Hornbill (Female)
The Abyssinian Ground Hornbill is an African bird, found north of the equator. In captivity, they can live 35–40 years. Diet in the wild consists of a wide variety of small vertebrates and invertebrates, including tortoises, lizards, spiders, beetles, and caterpillars; also takes carrion, some fruits, seeds, and groundnuts. The Abyssinian Ground Hornbill is one of the two largest species of hornbill, the other being the Southern Ground Hornbill. It reportedly averages around 35 to 39 inches tall, and weighs approximately 8.8 pounds. The Abyssinian Ground Hornbill has long bare legs for walking. The male has a red throat pouch and the female has a blue throat pouch. Modified feathers form long eyelashes, which protect their eyes from dust. Taken at Sylvan Heights Bird Park. Cropped only; otherwise untouched.

Trudy Tuinstra, cammino have particularly liked this photo

Schon eigenartiges Aussehen!
18 months ago.
Jeff Farley
Jeff Farley
A new bird to me Kris and not the prettiest !!! Nice shot.

Excellent image, thank you very much for posting to Fur, Fin and Feather.
15 months ago.