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  • divine passion

  • A fallen beauty

  • Comma and figs

  • Drinking Ginger

    A gorgeous bee, feeding at the flowers of our giant flowering Ginger Lily.

  • One of my fav views that i walk.

    first attempt at panoramic on my phone!!! showing the Borenge on the left, the Sugar Loaf and the Skirrid.

  • Bloody nosed Beetle!

    I have been waiting ages to find one of these, having found the larva earlier this year.. see below

  • Shiny shield

    I found this shield bug or some sort on a plant right on the edge of the canal, typically i could not contort myself enough to get his front. I have a thing when i'm photographing , which is not to move them to make the image easier... i'm observing them…

  • Cuckoo bee!!!! :)))

    this is taken on a dried dock stem , so this is maybe 10mm long

  • Cuckoo Bee!!!!!!

    its definitely not a field digger, they don't have hairs and their heads are much broader....I thought it might be a type of red wasp (Vespula rufa), but no. I looked again and thought its very hairy. In fact its not a wasp its a bee..! Its a nomad bee, a…

  • Pretty in pink

  • Doomed


  • Beautiful but deadly.... taken at the botanical gardens in Birmingham, in the glass house.

    This is a tiny plant, which traps insects with the sticky balls, they are then consumed over time. I will find the name later, i had so much fun as they are such unusual looking plants.... great abstract fun! The white flower beneath isn't part of the sp…

  • My friend Mr Hairy Shield Bug buglife00116

    I love the shadows and shapes that the thistle makes

  • Cute Elephant Hawk Moth caterpillar buglife00116

    i had my 100mm macro with me as it was raining, and it fits under my coat. This guy was really low down, and i so wish i had had the 180 tele, i think i would have got some better shots! :(( but, i quite like this one, even if it isn't technically good…

  • bright

  • eye eye

    Band-eyed brown horsefly male (female is evil bloodsucker with a space between her eyes!!! )

  • Eye see you.... buglife00116

    Band-eyed brown horsefly male (female is evil bloodsucker with a space between her eyes!!! ) struggled with this one as it was really shaded, but this isn't too bad!

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