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München Olympia Looping rollercoaster

Michel (*1906) in der Morgensonne

Separated from the fun place

Flakbunker Heiligengeistfeld with Heinrich-Hertz-T…

Noisy laying in the sun at the balcony

Grumpy old man like me. Happy holiday, ipernity´s!

S - Station Hamburg Airport (Flughafen)

S - Station Hamburg Airport (Flughafen)

Skyline of Hamburg (Germany, Europe, Earth, Galact…

Big red tulip, from below, with small flag

This is Hamburg! (8x Picture-In-Picture)

Lara Croft at the Sandworld

Tulips, taken from ground zero

Rocky sonnt sich auf dem Balkon

One love a day - #002: Noisy, the diva

...wichtig sein.... // ...to concern about it...

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