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First snow of this winter (2013/14)!

First snow of this winter (2013/14)!
Yes, I know that there wasn´t much snow visible and the little pieces are overlighted as well, but that´s not the point. ;o) It´s simple the first snow of this season (even as it melted pretty fast and wasn´t that much like in other areas).
In Hamburg we don´t expect that much snow during winter so this might be the most of at least the next weeks. Maybe in January will fall something more...

It comming to us via Scotland as a gift of the sturm called "Xaver" which - well - wasn´t a real sturm (at least in Hamburg, other regions may be difference):

This little pieces of snow is laying on the roof of "Friedenskirche Altona" which you can view doing this search at ipernity.

Angela Parker, Rhisiart Hincks have particularly liked this photo

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Rhisiart Hincks
Rhisiart Hincks
I love the redness of the brick, the style, the purple tiles and then as a finishing touch, the pockets of snow
3 years ago.
ୱ Kiezkickerde ( ͡°… has replied to Rhisiart Hincks
Hi Rhisiart, these red bricks are called "Klinker" - - and are the most common stones for building houses in (Northern) Germany. In the beginning they are often used as solid bricks, but in the current they are mostly just thin plates which are pinned at the outside of a building so it´s looking nice ("wall covering substrate"?!).
You can see these thin plate f.e. at - here they are used as an example during building. This shown example ending in this exterior facade at the southstanding of "Millerntor-Stadion", the stadium of the soccerteam FC St. Pauli: or, as overview:
Often these plates are used after the building gets thermally insulated because the styrofoam won´t looking this good. ;-)

Ahm, the purple tiles are black ones, maybe it changed by the used white-balance. :o) The ones at the round corner are freshly renovated, and made of Copper so maybe the patina haven´t changed it to full light-green like it would be in a few years (again, like before).
3 years ago.
Sami Serola
Sami Serola
First snow is always first snow! It just must be recorded.

EDIT: By the way, you have very nice tone of colors here.
3 years ago.
Wierd Folkersma
Wierd Folkersma
First snow is always nice, beautiful picture with the red klinkers :)
3 years ago. Edited 3 years ago.
Dachdecker sind auch Kunsthandwerker :-)
3 years ago.
ୱ Kiezkickerde ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
ୱ Kiezkickerde ( ͡°…
First: Thank you, Orlando and ctofcsco for your kind comments.

In diesem Fall sind sie wirklich Kunsthandwerker gewesen. Wenn man sich mal im Detail ansieht, wie die Schindeln speziell bei der Rundspitzkuppel gelegt sind, das macht kein Hobbyhandwerker so elegang. Die haben echt alle exakt den gleichen Abstand zueinander, so dass sich wirklich ein wunderschönes Gesamtbild ergibt. Wenn du magst, mache ich davon gerne mal eine Detailaufnahme, ich muss ja nur kurz mein Fenster öffnen, ich schaue da jeden Tag direkt drauf...
3 years ago.