• Entebbe Airport Guest House

    One of the many basically unspoilt 1920s (and thereabouts) buildings that make up Entebbe's fascinating architecture.

  • Arrived in Africa!

    I had a few hours to enjoy the abundance of birdlife in the grounds of the Airport Lodge in Entebbe, before Angharad's flight got in. It's a really friendly place I'd not hesitate to recommend. Once she arrived, it really felt like a proper African advent…

  • What's she got there?

    You're going to have to look at the next picture to find out...

  • That just is cricket!

  • Stability

  • Flora

    Early on, the urge was to photograph everything. Uganda was just so lush, so beautiful.

  • Flora, and fauna

  • Sometimes, you've just got to be Tarzan

  • Canopy

    In the atmospheric rainforest part of the Entebbe botanical gardens

  • Thanks to our guide!

    A brilliantly knowledgeable botany student attached himself to us in exchange for a contribution to his textbook fund!

  • Monkey business

  • Café attractions...

  • Golden web spiders

  • Just going for a walk with the local cow...

  • So you say you want an evolution?

    Well, you know, everybody wants to change the world...

  • Edifying.

    Note, that's edifying, not edible.

  • Our first big game!

    This is in Entebbe's "Wildlife Education Centre". It's not just a zoo. Most of the creatures here have been rescued at the airport from where they were being illegally exported. Others are orphans.

  • Everywhere you look

    We loved the presentation at the Wildlife Education Centre, which had lots of places to look into good sized enclosures.

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