Night lights

Gaza convoy, autumn 2010

The "Road to Hope" politically-independent humanitarian aid convoy to Gaza, October & November 2010, including the journey and the kidnapping incident where a group of 10 convoy members and 7 Libyan police / port officials were taken to sea against their will aboard the Strofades IV ferry, its car loading ramp open to the sea, and lifejackets denied to those kidnapped... This set does not include…  (read more)

Desert paint scheme

Shell monument

The trenches

Dual duel

South 3


Family history

05 Nov 2010 7
Josh's grandfather fought near here, around Tobruk. Every shell casing, ammunition box, and tin of bully beef we found was extra poignant for him, because it could be similar to ones his grandfather would have handled.


05 Nov 2010 12
Mousa was a local tourist policeman who was incredibly welcoming and friendly to us. Here he's showing us around some of the second world war battlefields around Tobruk, and helping us navigate the archaeology (and live ammunition!)

Lady be good

05 Nov 2010 10
This Consolidated B-24 Liberator, "Lady be good", lost its way whilst returning from its crew's first combat mission, from Libya to Italy, during the second world war (in 1943). It ended up 400 miles inland in the Libyan desert. When discovered in 1958, she was in remarkable preserved condition. The radio worked and the guns fired. Despite being so remote, she began to be looted, so has now been moved to a tourist police compound in Tobruk. Some of the copper and brass remains incredibly shiny and apart from the obvious crash damage, many of her panels are in restorable condition!

The big guns

05 Nov 2010 12
Pitch dark. Cool silhouette though!

Ambassadorial Range Rover

06 Nov 2010 14
Of the British Ambassador to Libya, seen at a Second World War memorial day service at Tobruk.

Angels ascending

06 Nov 2010 16
Inside the German war memorial at Tobruk.

German war memorial stairs

The caretaker's boy

06 Nov 2010 13
Inside the German war memorial at Tobruk.

Tripoli generations

07 Nov 2010 11
The new colour-cycling tower block of the Marriot, and a crumbling velodrome.

Hotel dweller

07 Nov 2010 11
Waiting for yet another meeting with the Al Quds convoy administration. The car to collect us at 9:30 didn't turn up. In fact two guys turned up at 9:00 and smoked cigarettes at me while I ate breakfast. It later turned out that they were there in place of the meeting with their boss (why couldn't they just have told us?) In a further typically awkward twist, the Colonel who had been going to arrange this hotel for us (at the government's expense, very kindly) had gone on Hajj that day. So, it turns out it's true: for everything else , there's Mastercard.

Moneybags II

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