No fuel at the inn

Mongol Rally, 2009

Once you get into the Kyrgystan landscape pictures, please give them a go in the larger sizes. :)


17 Jul 2009 44
It's all anticipation at this point... at the Goodwood launch for the Mongol Rally, raring to go, ready for anything! ;) You have no idea (unless you've ever tried to do it) how ridiculously hard it was to persuade flickr to upload these in reverse date order so that they make sense in the photostream as well as the set.

Red fox meets secret squirrel

18 Jul 2009 61
To receive the documents destined for... well, just Poland as it turns out.

Our car lines up

18 Jul 2009 38
...with a pretender for the Land Rover G4 challenge, judging by that paintwork!

Tartan Tiger

18 Jul 2009 49
This is the car with extensible hammocks from the roof-rack!

Furry fire engine

That's got to be cheating

18 Jul 2009 82
It was a leather-clad palace inside!

Previous (successful) entrant

18 Jul 2009 52
After a couple of electrical fires...

Gentlemen, start your engines

Circuiting Goodwood

Entering Czech — lake I

Entering Czech — lake II

An obligatory Prague Castle shot

20 Jul 2009 57
But I do rather like the light shining through the mouth of the chief gargoyle! (Probably best to view large to see it.)

Prague rooftops (pale colour)

Prague rooftops

Reflective pause

Rationed pedestrianisation

Stack o' skulls

22 Jul 2009 69
In the Sedlec Ossuary – the Bone Kirk – Czech.


22 Jul 2009 51
In the Sedlec Ossuary – the Bone Kirk – Czech.

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