Winding gear

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Le Frog

Winding gear

18 Oct 2005 24
Just playing. Compare with the adjacent colour (and coloured!) shot of the same old winding gears. This mono one instantly looks like an ancient archive shot. For the Tenuous links group: the link being that Aberdeen, where this lives, is the "granite city".

Winding gear with colour

18 Oct 2005 26
Naughty naughty, a layer filter. I was playing with the different mood between this and the adjacent black & white photo of the same old winding gears. The mono one instantly looks like an ancient archive shot.

Aberdeen, cosmopolitan hub

14 Feb 2006 8
At Ki:lau. I love this art because it's not paint — it's gaffer tape!

the rubber factor

Hillhead - me & Josie freezing and it's only Octob…

01 Oct 1993 15
Aberdeen in October. Nobody told me just how cold it could get!


01 Jan 1994 4
Dave Pearce with Bruce Leigh posing on the Alice-in-Wonderland bench in the grounds of Drum Castle.

Brent Sparrers

01 May 1995 6
Taken just after Greenpeace activists were evicted from their occupation of Shell's Brent Spar oil platform, where they had been protesting about its dumping at sea. I'd borrowed an Aberdeen University minibus to rescue them from Aberdeen's heliport where they'd been dumped, and get them to their press conference at a hotel.

Bridge out

01 Jan 1995 12
Look carefully and it looks like this bridge only ever went to an island — not to the far side of the river! It always seemed to me like a hell of a lot of bridge just for that. Perhaps the river (the Dee in Aberdeenshire) has altered over the years, or had recently flooded when I saw this... Canon compact zoom, Fuji print film, Epson 4490 scan.

Building (II)

01 Dec 1999 9
Building a house in Davie's back garden, because we needed more space for a party. The helper is Steve :) There's another one from that day here:

Build a party

01 Dec 1999 11
Dave (on the left) is a bit of a legend. He throws amazing parties. For the millenium, it was decided that his house wasn't going to be big enough, so we built another one in the garden... The ass is Jason's ;) There's another one from this day here:

Coquette. And Bruce.

01 Jan 1994 13
Bruce Leigh in the gardens of Drum Castle.

Rattray Place fleet

01 Jan 1995 25
Keith's brilliant early Moggy Minor, the Hillman Minx which Dave & I rescued from a technology park where it had been dumped with collapsed suspension, and Josie, my mark one Morris 1800 with amazing handling and six red leather seats — subsequently stolen from this very spot. At least it makes an authentic 1970s housing estate setting...

Regular saviours

01 Jan 1995 7
Actually, only the one with the trailer was required. He called his mate along possibly to look at our collection of classic cars, or maybe just to share a laugh at our cheek – and optimism – at calling them in to bring us the Hillman Minx we found abandoned!

Glowing seagulls

15 Feb 2006 6
Each and every one of them is shouting, "Mike!" The little red blip on the left is the coast-guard, keeping the pirates out of Aberdeen harbour... This photo only really works when viewed at least "large":

Free range goat

Me ma wiv a puddy tat

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