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Cottage III, 2006

The third holiday for a bunch of us at Trevoyan in Cornwall - August 2006.

A portrait of Bedruthan Steps

Bedruthan Steps landscape

Steve gets thoughtful

Bedruthan Steeeeeps

King of the castle

Look what we just did...

14 Aug 2006 7
The Cottaging pass-time, apart from surfing of course, is playing drinking games and taking photos of how silly we end up looking...


14 Aug 2006 10
Del decides it's time to eat his can of beer...


14 Aug 2006 14
(Sorrrrry Jen! ;)


14 Aug 2006 11
Setting off for a clifftop walk along the north of Porthcothan Bay.

Curve of the earth

30 Aug 2006 24
(Or just a wee lens...)


14 Aug 2006 10
With added Ta Wif [TM] shoulder-attachment. And some slightly tweaked colours, just so you don't get bored of all this gorgeous summery clifftop stuff.

Porthcothan I

Porthcothan II

14 Aug 2006 18
Complete with dog going for a paddle. He had lots of fun :)

Porthcothan III

Porthcothan IV

Watching us, watching us

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