Tim tries to buy

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Tim tries to buy

15 Jul 2007 12
At the French Market on Brunswick Lawns, in Hove. He's buying some very smelly cheese which he will later narrowly avoid forgetting and leaving in a tapas restaurant.

How to make an entire pub happy

06 Jun 2007 24
Just hand out glowsticks! Spot the random older gentleman in the background who, like everyone in the pub except the barman, was delighted with his free glowing bracelet!

Aha! Real ale, marvellous, don't mind if I do!

Festival hats (1)

Katie Boo


12 Apr 2006 11
(Decency just about preserved by the wine, and I like Mhairi's expression! ;)

Paola spoons you!

Blurry spyglass

The most photographed man

13 May 2007 6
Poor Warren became quite an object of fun at the Cotton Club. Several gaggles of young ladies were hanging around him taking pictures of themselves with – and on – him. You can imagine the hilarity. "Look, it's us with the passed-out drunk!" I feel like less of a user since he's actually my friend. A user nevertheless. But I did get him safely home, which kinda makes up for it. ;) ( Click here to view on black )

Emma at Glastonbury

01 Jun 1995 6
My favourite Aberdeen minibus. We had about twenty, because obviously Aberdeen is a million miles from anywhere, so conferences, meetings, demos, and sports things often required us to hit the road. But M229 – Emma – was by far the best to drive, and became my minibus of choice :) (Photo uploaded for a discussion in the Guess Where Aberdeen flickr group.)

Chris Love

One-lung boy

Polish ponders



09 May 2007 5
They're actually watching porn on cable TV, the perverts. In the room that Changing Rooms (and the 1980s) forgot.

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