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Ruthie & Glyn

Cornering ballast!

Shelli is tasty

10 Jan 2009 14
(I expect.)

When camels attack

10 Jan 2009 13
And completely devour Craig's car...

When giraffes attack

10 Jan 2009 15
You could hear "chaaaarge, lads!" Very quietly. From a long way above.

Ghost boat

Above Ness

Point well made

25 Dec 2008 13
Many of this group of shots made mum look like she was on a discussion programme as one of a panel of serious intellectuals. They're all a bit... serious, though! The lighting, I suppose. But here's a nice one with a satisfied smile after a point well made, or taken!


28 Dec 2008 25
(Which runs along the lines of, "They are remembering our barley, right?")

Colinton Road

23 Dec 2008 15
That's where I grew up, that is. For the most part, anyway. Edward Calvert, c. 1904; a set of three adjacent pairs of semi-detached villas (the two leftmost of the trio seen here, i.e. not the house at the left of frame). Built in red sandstone, they're opposite the pleasingly solidly-walled gardens of a number of enormous detached villas, some of which are also by him. When I say enormous, I mean they have things like entirely oak-panelled billiards rooms... Tragically most of the pairs of houses have lost their lovely gateposts in favour of people who can't drive very well. I always managed! ;-) A couple have also lost their conservatory-style entrance corridors, to allow for external stairs to be added, with the top two floors forming one flat, and the ground floor another. The removal of the main internal staircase creates a pleasingly large hall though, and they're still fine, large homes with three or four bedrooms each. The earliest of the houses – rightmost in this photo, in the middle of the three buildings – was (and is, I hope) in possession of an incredible diary, kept by a little girl who moved in just after it had been built, and before construction of any of the terrace of houses which are now round the back (Merchiston Gardens). She records things like the excitement of the first tram to pass nearby on Polwarth Gardens, and the encroachment of Morningside — and the hoi polloi!


28 Dec 2008 20
Not deliberately soft-focus, but the filter steamed up when we came in from the bitter cold!

Simon bothers the dead

28 Dec 2008 21
View larger to see his marvellous expression! ;)

Forres churchyard

ISO 26 squillion

29 Dec 2008 20
So my mad dash from Inverness to Cardross, to get a look at, and some shots of, St. Peter's Seminary, was somewhat doomed by the facts that I got up a bit late, and kept stopping to take pictures of the beautiful scenery on the high road above the east shore of Loch Ness. I just made it before total and absolute darkness, and once inside, I realised I was in very real danger of falling down a drain! So I shall have to return another time... This, then, is all you get for now, and is only possible because of my new camera's amazing high sensitivity. This was taken at ISO 25600!

Everybody waits

18 Dec 2008 8
"Mum, c'mon, do we really need to fly? Couldn't we just chase some sticks instead?"

Er... car... park.

...and NONE of them are talking to me...


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