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02 Jul 2008 13
The Superlambananas are based on a sculpture commenting on genetic engineering and the combination of a lamb and a banana. They look nothing like lambs though, so I've renamed them Calfcasavas. Or possible Dogplantains; as you like. There are now over 120 of them around Liverpool, decorated by various artists and communities, and they're my favourite bit of the capital of culture thing. Not because they're very good — many of them are not. But because there are always people photographing them, riding them, and talking about them. They've genuinely engaged the public.

Liverpool flying club

Piper Tomahawk, G-LFSA

10 Jul 2008 11
This is the little guy I'm now floating around in :-) Born in 1978. If only people looked after their cars so well!

Up close and personal

30 May 2008 14
Funny how going high-contrast mono makes a photo look like it's from a fair while in the past.


30 May 2008 15
With the dark, dark eyes so feared of so many sci-fi scenarios... or should I not have watched the eighth Doctor last night..? ;)

Brunswick Terrace

19 May 2008 27
Where I used to live, up on the roof terrace. *sigh*


18 May 2008 30 fact, some of the first: Austin Sevens. London to Brighton run and Mini rally on the seafront.

Mixed use

18 May 2008 11
Sleeping, playing, taking photos... truly versatile art!


Working and work


17 May 2008 10
Even the image stabiliser can't cope with this much dim lighting combined with motion, but I still like the shot.


16 May 2008 21
Hands! But I knew this would immediately get lots of views on flickr. You bunch of...

I'm gonna punch someone

Photo du moi?

Think we should eat this photographer?

24 Aug 2007 15

Neigh way

11 Aug 2007 20
A bridge just for the wild horses of Bodmin Moor. Not the most interesting of shots perhaps, but I do like the sky, and it's not so bad for a mere cameraphone.

British Festival weather

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