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15 Dec 2008 10
I just had the sense that these two were kinda cuddled up to one another, watching the world go by. With possibly another one muscling in over their shoulders to get a view! ;) I should work for Disney.

Unexpected Liverpool; marina, I

Unexpected Liverpool; marina, III

15 Dec 2008 10
At first glance at this pic, I thought for a moment that there was a horrible moire pattern on the red boat, but it's actually a reflection of the ripples in the water :)

Unexpected Liverpool; marina, IV

15 Dec 2008 13
So it turns out Liverpool has a neat little marina in one of the old docks! I must try out the bar there one of these evenings and see if it's in any way reminiscent of Brighton's Master Mariner . It could be very cool, very tatty, or somewhere in between in "Beefeater" style... hmm... what are the chances of anything other than the latter, oop here? ;)

Unexpected Liverpool; marina, V

Amazing Croatian chocolates

01 Jan 2008 12
Marta tells me that this packaging has been basically unchanged for years. It's nice that it now comes back into fashion as "retro". I love it. And the chocolates are pretty awesome too :) Shame I didn't quite get the depth-of-field right. Can't be fixed since I didn't wait to check before eating some of them...

Who me, trying to steal her?

Sheli wanna puppy!

Never work with children or animals

Danger! Danger!

Man about to lose agricultural implement


Laura's quasimodo impression

Yorkshire cottagers

Okay, yah, yah...


15 Nov 2008 6
They don't like it up 'em, Captain Mainwaring!

Yeah, we've got that new-fangled unleaded.

01 Jan 1992 19
One of my favourite antique petrol stations, Sussex, circa 1992. Sadly, I think it is no more.

Barn find

01 Jan 1992 21
Josie patiently waiting while I take a photo of one of my favourite antique petrol stations, in Sussex. The car dates the photo to 1992-ish, and I have a feeling the station may have sadly bitten the dust by now. As a point of geeky interest, Josie was a Mark I Landcrab (Morris 1800) from 1967. The Mark I had a number of lovely design details which were lost from later models, probably to save costs. These included chunky chrome door and handbrake handles, plus a split-bench front seat. I recently found that these seem to have lived on a little longer on Australian utility models than they did in the UK, which might be a useful lead if you're looking for spares! If I were a Mark II or III owner, I'd be sorely tempted to carefully store the plastic parts and replace them, not forgetting the delightful indicator stalk with the green light on the end! Scanned from a batch of old prints with my surprisingly short-lived Epson 4490.

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