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street scene

Sky (building to a crescendo)

Sky (broody over London)

Ball hunt

07 Jun 2007 5
Giant ball. Flowerbed. All you need for a surreal game.

George Watson's tomb

01 Apr 2006 12
In Greyfriars Kirkyard, Edinburgh. Taken to illustrate his entry on Wikipedia. Watson's memorial is the horizontal bronze plaque on the wall on the left. The actual grave is only known to be "near" that spot.

Palm kitty

20 May 2007 8
Reminds me *so* much of OC ("other cat") who lived with PC ("pussy cat") near me in Brighton. I miss those guys. Must upload some shots of OC. In the meantime, here's PC: 1 , 2 , 3 , and 4 .

Tree rat

05 May 2007 11
Suppose he'd like a tortilla crisp?

Chomper (1)

05 May 2007 6
Addicted to tortilla crisps.

Chomper (3)

05 May 2007 15
Checking nobody looks like stealing it...


05 May 2007 9
Ron & I happened upon what appeared to be a convention of pugs. These two make a nice caption competition, I think.


05 May 2007 10
The swans are defending their junk food, as provided by the humans. Better detail on the pigeons if viewed a bit bigger .



Pirate moon

"What do you think of this fruit bar then?"

Lemur family


01 May 2007 7
Mongooses! Don'tcha just love the English language? ;)

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