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  • Mather Point

    some days are filled with fog, but for most of us, the bright sun will break through and illuminate our smiles again

  • Isla Carmen

    I reached for the sky from the other side of the endless horizon and it has been a long fall and still I would reach again if she stretched her hand out to mine across the gulf of understanding

  • light delicacy

    essence of lightness floating on the edge of my vision waiting for my passion to be blown away by the winds of change providing a soft landing for my soul

  • Lunar

    low moon riding a blanket of early snow sent to mark a weekend of thanksgiving welcome only to a few who see beyond the day's discomfort and know the chill embrace makes it possible for the warmth of the day to melt our heart

  • branch lines

    each and every moment of the passing day sees the miracle of the setting sun at the same moment it rises upon a new day on the other side of the earth endless repitition of life's gold and rosy glows

  • Burnt Gold Skyline

    a hundred feet high we reach for the golden sky hundreds work within the silhouette's edge lost in the perspective of another setting sun

  • gold in glow

  • persepctive from the edge of night

  • Sisters - not

    my wife France - patient goddess my daughter Sarah - princess of life they both must endure my so-called sense of humour

  • France

    obviously an undeserved honour for me - life holds many treasures revealed in moments across the span of years and through the gift of tears. Who knows what you will find along the road when the journey is still young?

  • Misty Morning River Crossing

    Milk River Alberta, Writing on Stone Provincial Park

  • warning of the beautiful day to come

  • delicate devourer

  • modes of transportation

    I am often transported to other places

  • contrasts and reflections

  • clarity

  • serenity

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