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08 Feb 2013 2 2 123
Taken by my wife!


02 Jun 2013 2 4 123
Just a quick shot of my oldest daughter Kerry. Pretty much sums her up (but don't tell her I said that)!!


04 Apr 2013 2 2 116
Little boy, big tree!!


08 Apr 2013 20 29 231
With best wishes from me and my wife Jackie. This was taken just before we got married.........nearly 49 years ago! Let's hope 2021 is much better than 2020 and that IP gets sorted again very soon..!! Stay safe everyone.

Leigh Park Gardens

Jackie - Hayling Island

08 Feb 2013 138
Beautiful sunshine.......freezing cold!

Nikon for Christmas

01 Jan 2013 117
The Boss with her Nikon P7100. Now she can stop borrowing my kit! (Best viewed large, on black. I love the bokeh in this shot)!

'Phone Box

22 Nov 2012 132
For the "Ring, Ring" competition.


17 Sep 2012 1 150
Taken in Lepe Country Park. She is using my old Nikon D80 with the 70-300mm VR lens. Her!

Jackie at my daughter's flat in Exmouth.

10 Aug 2012 93
Taken with the Fuji X100. Excuse the cluttered background............washing/ironing to be done :D

Cappuccino time.............

Forgotten something?


13 Feb 2012 99
More playing around with Apple Apps.

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