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Albert Road, Southsea (+PiP)

15 Sep 2021 10 7 22
Another look at some of the quirky buildings and architecture in Albert Road, Southsea, Hampshire. It can be a difficult road to take photos in if, as I did, you want to avoid getting people and traffic. It's a case of deciding what you want in the frame and then standing around waiting for a break in the road and foot traffic. Usually worth it in the end though. There's a bonus bit of "street poetry" in the PiP. Please go large for best effect. Thanks for looking and enjoy the rest of your weekend.

Helenium Flowers

16 Sep 2021 19 13 34
For anyone who's day needs brightening up..............these beautiful orange and yellow Helenium flowers should do the job..!! Taken in the sensory garden in Horsham Park, West Sussex. Go large!


17 Sep 2021 19 19 42
Taken in one of the walled gardens in Mottisfont House and gardens, a National Trust property near Romsey in Hampshire. Please view large, for best effect. Thanks for looking and have a great Friday :-) alternative view

13 Sep 2021 28 24 56
I made this image in Horsham Park Sensory gardens. Taken against the bright sky and converted to black and white. The fact that the plant was over 8ft tall made things much easier. Best viewed large, on black. Thanks for looking :-)

Exmouth Beach, Devon

20 Jul 2021 17 20 46
Taken when we visited family in Exmouth in July. Best viewed large, on black. Thanks for looking.

Rudbeckia........with Bee

13 Sep 2021 18 19 45
Taken in the sensory garden in Horsham Park, West Sussex. Go large for best effect. Thanks for looking.


26 Mar 2013 26 25 189
Taken back in March 2013 at West Wittering beach in West Sussex and originally posted on here in April 2013. I thought I would "recycle" it for HBM today. Thank you for all your visits to my photo-stream over the past week, especially if you left a comment and/or a star. Always appreciated and it makes sharing worthwhile. Have a great week folks!

Street Lamp Silhouette

08 Apr 2021 15 13 48
Taken in Old Portsmouth, Hampshire.

A view from The Independent Republic of Albert Roa…

08 Sep 2021 23 15 49
Albert Road, Southsea, Hampshire. A somewhat run down area, but well worth a wander. Full of cafés, restaurants, pubs, and dozens of sometimes quirky independent shops and a top notch theatre. There's a nice, friendly community feel to the place and there's always something to take a photo of. Best viewed large if you have time. Thanks for looking.


06 Sep 2021 16 20 52
Taken in Portsmouth, Hampshire..........near the Harbour Station. Just waiting to be hired out and cause chaos on the roads and pavements..!! Go large for best effect............thank you for looking :-)

White Butterflies

09 Sep 2021 18 16 46
Recently, my garden has been full of white butterflies. There are so many different (and similar) varieties I don't even try to identify them any more :-) All taken during August this year. I hope you like this little collection. Thanks for looking.

Flowers From My Garden

08 Sep 2021 21 24 49
Clockwise from top left: Verbena, Honeysuckle, Hollyhock, Echinacea. These were all taken during August.


25 Mar 2021 21 21 51
Taken back in March this year in one of the public gardens in Southsea, Hampshire. Please view large on black. Thank you for looking.


01 Sep 2021 16 22 61
Spotted these picnic benches in Southsea, Hampshire. They were waiting to be taken away following the end of a large musical Festival. I grabbed a shot before they were loaded into a lorry. Happy Bench Monday everyone. I hope you all have a good week. Thank you for all your visits/comments/stars...........always appreciated..!!

Comma Butterfly (+PiP)

03 Sep 2021 19 18 54
Taken in my garden. The PiP shows the underwings and the distinctive white "comma" marking which gives it it's name. This is the first time I've seen a Comma in my garden, so I was very pleased to get this shot. Best viewed large, if you have time!

Floating Leaves

26 Aug 2021 19 22 49
Looking down from a bridge over a small stream in Emworth Hampshire, I noticed this build up of floating leaves which had accumulated on the surface of the water. I really liked the colours and textures. A small sign that autumn is nearly upon us?


20 Aug 2021 19 17 47
Taken in my garden (I haven't been out much lately). Have a lovely day everyone............and enjoy the forthcoming weekend.

Grass Seed Head

30 Aug 2021 29 18 66
Taken in my garden. I've no idea what type of grass this is, but as it was underneath where we hang the bird feeders, I suspect it's come from one of them. I used flash to make the dark background (assisted by a bit of post-processing). Please view large on black. Thanks for looking. Edit: Thank you to neira-Dan for the ID. The grass is from the Setaria family (commonly known as Bristle grass).

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