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Crystal Cove-The View Point

Beach dwellers take in every emotion and every sight to make special moments. To watch them enjoy the wind and sound of waves, it makes us united.

Crystal Cove-Evening Sun

A burning star is not to be taken for granted. Its gift keeps us in existence, its heat keeps the balance in the climate, its light helps us move through the day, its rays give process to produce food in plant life, vegetation for animals. UV rays can be troublesome-use sunblock. :)

Crystal Cove-Serenity

Climbing around the rocks to find a quiet space is like discovering treasures. They are everywhere! Though beach dwellers are sharing space with you, your space is yours alone. I enjoy standing above near cliffs to get a full 360 degrees view including nearby cities. The ocean is home.


Best light shines in bring illumination to your eyes, surroundings and to remember its source to the world.

The Waves Meet Sky

Walking the shore to feel ocean breezes make you feel an endless comfort. When the clouds sit low, you feel the shift of dark and light over you but the waves bring the old familiar sound. Everything in your mind goes silent and you concentrate on the music from the ocean and sky.


There is always new coming to replace the old. Yet the old still stand great. Never underestimate!! I like this rebirth pattern shift.

Eye to Eye

Is there unspoken word between animals and humans? Our eyes was perfect! Fearful to get closer in case the cattle would barge at me. They were calm and still with an occasional eye blink. Some people feel they are their conquerors or supreme being reign over them. I think we have equal grounds. There is so much to be learned from an animal. The way they adapt to their climate, environment, grooming habits, protectors of their kind and survival. Each one is different but still the same.

The Marsh

Every object on land and in water serves a purpose. The marsh feeds the fish. The fish are fed by humans. The CIRCLE OF LIFE I rather stare at the marsh and know some tiny fish will grow full off of it. :)

Family Fishermen

A child's memory is like a quilt that sews line of feelings and blocks of pictures. Teaching a child to know the pure bliss of outdoors to share, laugh, run and catch fish, this child is learning how to use time wisely. And like that, tradition continues...
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