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Old Santa Barbara

I couldn't quite decide how I wanted to show this photograph in actual color or being influenced by the old tones of photographs. I approved the latter. :) Plus it reminds me of a post card. Getting into the open is giving yourself the trust, vulnerability, and willingness to accept all. Sight seeing is not just views of those around but being open with sight to the surroundings. For example, how many of us see the seagull perched on the city light pole? Is the light red, yellow, or green? Being present is…

Ty Warner Sea Center

The Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History, formerly known as Ty Warner Sea Center, is a museum that sits on the Stearns Wharf in Santa Barbara. Definitely a fun day destination to visit and explore. I was more occupied with photographing the scenery than going inside to take a look around the museum. I will certainly next time I am in this neck of the woods. How nice to have a museum sitting few feet above the water. More information:

Mosaic Native Art

Mosaic Native Art symbolizes a voyage of both human and animals in the form of hunting and gathering from the ocean. The hand work and artistic perfection on this mosaic piece is astounding. The color scheme, symbols and circle of life blends to our destiny. Harmonious. Interested in further reading:

Help Veterans

"When All Else Fails Help A Vet" I feel like this is a personal story laid on the sand. His story is important and his needs requires care. Sacrifice in our life is a honorable duty in many forms, different cloths, and all faces. I think about a person's story when I see signs, see their belongings, see their expressions, see their paths....

Good Fortune of Kindness

The Remembrance: "The Popcorn Man" Everett Nicholin, 1890-1980, gave character and personality to Stearns Wharf and to the community of Santa Barbara. He will always be remembered by those who had the opportunity to know him and appreciate his presence. Touching someone's heart can be simple as gifting them love. Mr. Nicholin gave his love of popcorn to Santa Barbara. What footprint we leave in the sand for others, others will either lead or follow.

Santa Barbara Villa

Walking around in a new neighborhood allows me to absorb the culture, architecture, flora, etc. I enjoy looking at the homes in the area because it is always centered around the history and cultivation. Mission styled roofs and tiny nooks which resembles a home or layout of apartments. When I took this photograph, I thought about how homely with the flourish of plants and flowers. It opened me to the oceanic scene. Sometimes you got to get in your car and drive to a different part of your town, city, or co…


Collect a flower, share a flower or plant a flower. Be to anyone, a magnolia, to its sky, branches, and tree. Blossoms filled with new spring and yield to the days of glowing with the sun. If the world was covered with magnolias, we would be thankful to its abundance and captured always by its simplicity. We are better when we give than we receive like magnolias that give to us a reason to smile.

Dine to Eat

What is a pier without its restaurant? A famish pier of course. This Moby Dick Restaurant fed crowds and made new memory for photograph collectors. Being among others standing on the pier, I take in everything around me including the dolphins swimming below. Fishermen stood further away from all the tourists and locals to be alone to their activities. California has rather interesting architecture in every city especially the beaches.

Row, Row Your Boat

Classic boats are seen near the pier with the appearance of miniature toy boats. If there is a beach, there is a boat amidst the ocean near the horizon. One of my older photographs and comes across with a very natural vintage style to it. Postcard... To all the travelers and the locals, Never leave a boat without its sail! xox The photographer
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