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Roofs & Tree Tops

See I think the trees win in this regards with abundance and size. Should mountain dwellers decide to skip town? They would cover all of the rooftops to the point of aerial view could not detect them. A recent local discovery found an 18th century Victorian home among orange orchards. EVEN I was amaze how huge a house was covered by orange trees. Home is very intact and standing tall. A tree is a true, definite protector.

Life Elements

Trees that grow together, stay together. The lake is its platform. As long as I can remember, I have always been fascinated by trees. The texture, size, color, height/width, and how well it covers me. Am I in the shade or Am I in the light? These trees felt this way to me. I was in the shade. I imagine leaping over to the other side, and would be surrounded endlessly with a cover. I did not see any bears as I always hope to see one. I bet they take a great dip at night. Being from the South, the sap oozing…

The Tree Homes

I imagined that each home has a story of its home. Old and modern...large and small. Dwelling among a forested mountain like bird houses to take in everything including the bird singing around it. Windows like light houses drinking in the day. Each home is special and have the connection to nature. Tree homes with a story for visitors...I can only imagine.

The Mountain Life

The homes along the mountain are found along the perimeter of Lake Gregory... large multi-windows, higher and hidden. These mountain dwellers are quite lucky to have this lake view from their windows. I even started daydreaming as one of these dwellers to take in all this fresh air all day, watching the lake at night and seeing all the stars. Such peace... I even wonder if this fisherman is a local.

Open to Light

Sky watchers are always looking up and amazed by things above them. Sun hit me in the eye.

Looking In from The Outside

Sister and Brother Love

Incredible darling! It was fun and nervous for me taking their portrait. They are growing up fast!

Love and Beauty-Family Portrait

Lovely portrait of my dear friend, Heather and her daughter photographed by Keisha Marshall.

Face It Dandelion...

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