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  • The Hungry Squirrel Part 1

    Interesting how squirrels come closer to humans once humans begin to take care of them and supply their needs. I was watching two squirrels while I listened to two ladies talking about what foods squirrels like or dislike. They must be their supplier and…

  • Sentimental by Remembrance

  • Iceland Poppies by Caressed by the Sun

  • Coming In for a Landing by Ready for Take Off

  • The Blue Life by Endless

  • Reflection by Getting Closer

  • Laying In The Field of Poppies: Make A Wish

  • Wildflower Meets California Poppy

  • Wildfowers by Blooming for Spring

  • Come Take A Ride by The Boats

    I went to Dana Pointe for their Annual Dolphin Watching but I did not see any dolphins. ;( Instead we were visited by seals. ;) Dana Pointe is known for local natives and tourists to catch sightings of dolphins. They were swimming among these boats and we…

  • Sunny Yellow by The Coming Spring

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