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Power + Light

Cotton Clouds

Pink cotton candy clouds! The today's evening sky was more the pink and purple with endless clouds along the horizon. DUSK!

Welcome the Evening!

Sunset in urban life. Sky watching is my relaxation part of the day. Light...the bright Expands across the sky and showers the land Opening the road to its glaring glow Follow No darkness keeps light from entering Light is infinite


Every change brings forward growth and strength. We can easily forget how important growth in many areas of our life remain to be necessary to give us insight about ourselves. It is easy to get carried away by frivolous routines, expectations and obligations. Everything we endure is part of the bigger picture. I feel I have grown a lot over this past year. Listening to inner instinct to go with what I feel is right instead of what feels safe. Step out on a limb! New direction means new growth. Stand tall an…

Cali Sunset

California skies have been literally on fire with explosion of colors (i.e. pinks, peach orange, purples, yellow) for the last few weeks. Every person who lives more towards the west have the most wonderful view on their drive home, standing in their front/back yard or in high places along Los Angeles.

Ke Waterlily Painting 1

Arch Your Way

Archways are the pillar of the architecture for this Spanish mission with archways following the corridor into other aspect of the mission. Couple of words comes to me as I look at the archway, "arch trellis", "protractor", "Japanese fan", "rainbows", "sun dials", "waning gibbous." I love the moon phases!!


Bougainvillea are the faces of many Southern California gardens, museums, shops, missions and homes. They're everywhere and grow abundantly to cover archways, walls and gazebos. Similarly to the camellias, they are landmark flowers and quite noticeable with rangers of colors from white, purple, pink, red.


Camellia Japonica, 'Midnight' Striking fireball found in camellia shrubs along the corridor on the mission grounds. Very Spanish mission style!
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