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Look Ahead While the Sky Rolls By

Standing above from Prospect Park and looking partially at the city of Redlands also the outskirts of the mountainous regions. It was a dreary and overcast type of day, but the open orange groves filled the air with scent of blossoms. In the past, most of the land of Redlands were covered with orange groves for the booming citrus movement. Most of the historical cities in California had some hands in the citrus movement including the Sunkist. You can see some of the historic Victorian homes in the near dist…

Witch Way is Home?

This witch hat structure is one of the focal points at the Prospect Park. Very unique and mysteriously placed at a nestle side of the pathway. I assure that this architect was humorous and found it perfection for the time period of enormous, grand Victorians, Arts and Crafts, and Spanish Mission Revivals. CELEBRATING PROSPECT PARK LINK: s-of-prospect-park CARRIAGE HOUSE AT PROSPECT PARK LINK:…

Lets Blossom Together

Each time you get inspired, desire to help, and want to create a new branch to your existing roots. Blossoming is your stage. Every change exists with a new growth that turns into multiple grouping. If your path gets led into many directions, you can always go back to the center---> of who you are (the core) and reflect outward to feed your blossom.

Mysterious Evening Sky

What you may think to be farther or out of reach is much closer with belief and faith? Faith has no distance. All things are possible with open mind, heart, and spirit.

Light on the Horizon

Every good deed leaves a seed. Sow plenty of good to grow a garden of joy. Like a perennial, your seed will germinate and expand into other hands.

A Gift Is Special

Keep the joy longer than a moment Give a lifetime Bring it like a beating heart, That you need for survival and to not depart And let the many rays of joy bring you prosperity It will heal when you reach for it It will comfort when you pray for it It will empower when you accept it Be of good joy Joy is an everlasting fortune, A gift that some may return A gift that some may extend its wealth to many Be as natural as it forms, That joy is not without doubt It will require your effort and belief And questio…

Grow Wide and Be Colorful

If the world could be a painting, I would imagine it painted with all the golds, royals, and vibrant pinks. We often become under an illusion to see the black and white in any given situation. Therefore, color is always needed to expand our horizons. Never be comfortable enough to not see the value in what lights the air or a person's heart or a memory. Give way to openness to embrace a new day, change, and set forth all fields of happiness. Coloring the world will color the mind and the soul. Be open to co…

Be Still

Being swept away and lost in its body Lift arms and stretch wide to be held close Linger awhile longer Hear the wind's breath above the surface And howls gently in my ear It's the hold I am still, and not letting go Embrace its full power against my chest Close my eyes and let the power fill the space A serenity An effort Constant calming, and bearing the longing I will remember all its light, and let the arm of waves caress me Be complete and whole For the ocean holds it all If you fall, and get swept aw…

Exit Sun and Open the Sky

You can see that I did not hardly move, and think I was standing on the best stage for this view. How things disappear around you when you are taken by a beautiful sight? The sky burst opened with all the play of light and evening sky. This is PEACE. The kind of peace where you are at a stand still, but everything pleasant whirls around you. Is it magnetism? Is it romanticism? Is it eclecticism? It There is beauty seen beyond our eyes. We have a sky that gives off atmospheric pressure to radi…
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