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See the Light In All Existence

Remember to see the good in all things! The ocean breezes are momentous especially towards the evening. It is the perfect place to know that good is everywhere. Nature is what holds us here.

May the Sun Be Your Guide

Light is more than emitted energy and beams. It is a strong force that gives life, beauty, and warmth. Much to the sun and its beneficial representation to us, the symbolism of light and how we are guided by stars prove that we can be the guide for others. I believe in kindness and compassion. The more the compassion fills the hearts and minds, the more light from kindness ignites our vision.

Take A Light Path

Walk gently and lightly everywhere to allow yourself all the time to absorb life around you. Heavy feet will often stumble with hurrying, but forgetting that time is the key to fulfillment. Use it wisely.

Holding On

More you hold on, the longer you will sustain all efforts to stand and become stronger over time. Despite how occurrences will lead to question and misleading formation of doubts, you can be the center of peace for self that all will come to an existence of calmness. Gardens are one of my favorite sanctuaries to seek calmness, peace, and environmental beauty. I discovered that castles exist in America and quite remnants of the European castles. If I am near Morro Bay, I will stop at the Hearst Castle. LIN…

Morro Bay-The Light Home

The framework of this Morro Bay Home remains a bliss of cottage and farm style home with the tower in the centre of the home's property. Each property expands and connect at the tower. My belief this infrastructure was used for another purpose and renovated to housed a family or multiple guests. There are other historic homes along the walkway facing this home. Historical Society of Morro Bay:

Arms Open Wide

Tree tops with wide branches and trunks look like sheltering bodies with leaves grazing the sky. In my home state, there are trees in abundance, and I learned to look up and studying their patterns, growth, and aging process. Maples, Cotton and Pine Trees like to be straight and long then they will branch out. So the clouds sold me when I looked up pass the limbs into the eyes of the sky.

Hanging Lightly At The Garden

A cute garden shop stole my attention from the photography gallery across the street. All the details made it quite the welcome spot. I admit that I went to mingle around the water fountains to listen to the water while I overheard touristry and local chats. The architecture at the entrance of this door is spectacular like an entrance to a luxury countryside spa.

Morro Barn Home

Seek shelter in the midst of an opening with the distant hand of an ocean moving closer to your feet. Call it a home, or say it is a heart that you have sought to treasure. In the sun amongst the trees, your shelter is filled with light. Go higher to see the northern lands and lay wake at the end of day for the time to wish upon a star. Oh speaking of stars, has anyone watched the meteor shower over the last few days at night? Too much city lights here.

Bird-"I Want Air Express"

Even pigeons want the spice of life by casually sitting and flying around this garden shop. Of course I would not pass up on a photo op. I love that they look disinterested while I am taking a photograph. Perhaps they were more interested in the fountains below.
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