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Evening Surburbia

When the day starts to settle down and the sky blankets with the colors from the sun, there is stirring movement of time. The arising of night life calls to the urban nature to fill the air and lights to flicker on in neighborhoods. Nature fades the day. Quiet the world with the sky ablaze and awaken the world to a farewell to open the night door.

Urban Nature

The world looks amazing from high places. One of my many favorite things is the sunsets outlining the cities. It's like watching a city snow globe except there is light pouring around it. When the world is busy, nature is quietly painting the world with amazing beauty. Step outside of your busy day and stand inside the basking sun around the world in front of you.

The Dick Clark

Counting blessings is like rewarding your own favors. We are gifted blessings in so many ways in different forms: people, day to day experiences, conversation, reading a book, taking walks in nature, DREAMS. The list is endless. Every blessing is always worth holding onto and recognizing throughout the day. When we give positive energy to those blessings, I do believe that the energy manifest in another form just to think about gratitude. Give thanks to your fortunes. Share your fortunes in good deeds. We…

Pick Your Roses

Pick your roses like you choose your paths. Set your rose aside and let it be thy guide. In its display, you will know from its fragrance of a fonder taste. A bed of roses simplified like the entrance of your life. Let your rose be symbolic of you in abundance and in honor. Each rose is differ than the next rose ahead, below, beside or waiting to open. Choosing a rose creates space for you to embrace. Reach high in rose places. Take of it what you may and allow it to be great. As the rose starts to bloom a…

Balboa Rose Garden

Even to walk is to whistle with the many sights in my vision. Even to see is to acknowledge all that beautify across the land. No moment of time leaves untraced edges in my memory. Even to reflect is to honor every aspect of this day. Be never far in what you come close to. Be never too near to not recognize.

The Sun Rose

Visiting rose gardens are like seeing blankets of flowers everywhere. The more roses, the more I forget about the day and just engulfed myself in the surroundings. Every rose is special in every way. It was interesting to see the movement of people and their action in mind whether it was bathing in the sun, taking photographs, holding a conversation, or sharing ideas about the type of roses. It's amazing how I absorb and still focus on my moment. Let the day take you where you need to be-whether a second o…


Hope is a prosperous way of viewing expectancy. We rise to a challenge, and we hope for the best. In the aspects of hope, there is a desirable need to understand completely what we feel obligated. Furthermore what we feel the need to be opted to. Choice. In choice of what is best for mankind, there should be a general understanding: do unto those who desire a great life and do unto one self who desire to be someone's hope for change. We, never I, must shift change into being us. There is no us if we do not…

Live In the Light

I have series of these light ray photographs. Each different in their own way. Likewise to the sun, its mark is always different from how it touches the world. Sitting here and listening to The Eagles- with sleep nagging at my body. This view is perfect way to enter the realm of sleep. The best things in life are not imagined but lived, felt, and honored- we get one chance for some of us more than one. Live it to the highest. -Ke

The Enchanted Earth

Yearn the light in the morning and leave it as a reminder for the night. The nature's hand pushes forward its ray from left to right to cover earth and surrounds it with all forms of energy. Our existence is a witness to this benevolent beauty.
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