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The Summer Lake's Beauty

These grassy like flowers grow in large bushels around rocks along the lakes and rivers in California. I take fortune to know that flowers are growing around water like a lotus.

Our Daily Blessing

The world at your feet looks amazing. Make sure to look down and up, then up and down. Let it all absorb. Every aspect of this photograph serves purpose. ECOSYSTEMS!

A Seat at the Lake

There is a seat for everyone at the lake. I bet this trunk has been sat or stood on...just take in the surroundings of the mountain. Those tiny fish were my favorite to watch so close to the shore. Not afraid of my ten toes.

Sit to Listen Then Remember

Being quiet is not an act but a mental stance. Collect yourself and process everything of meaning. The water is an additional external view to still your insides (at least I speak in opinion for me). Best way to reflect.

Earth's Gifts

Sometimes it is easy to forget the simplest way of living and feeling IS the natural way of life. We should not expect more and have to live beyond more that we have, it takes away the focus on small things. Mother nature and all the elements are wonderful gifts. We are what we live, give and be.

See the Way Through

Don't know why but I feel like I was invading someone's privacy. I love to look at objects hidden out of clear view. I imagine the owner can see everything below. You don't want anyone to know you're there, the shrubs and trees become your fence.

Hold Onto Me

Everything is perfect now! Looking up and seeing all the branches...higher the better. All the trees seem to be in a circle. The sun almost blinded me from focus.

The Great Escape

Lakefront are always the best! The homes will always be facing the lake or it to the home. Lake excursions are necessary!!

Just to Be Near

Walking along the shore means also ending with feet in the water. I watched baby fish swim all around my toes. Quiet times!
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