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The Land of Autumn

Autumn flourishes the earth to prepare for its season much like time. It is faced with changes with required reflecting, harvesting and gathering what needs to be taken into the new year. As I stood looking across the land, I thought about how beauty life truly is and how we must prevail despite any form of change in our lives. Every day is our blessing! Lets give thanks!!

The Oasis

*RECENT SUNSET* Sky is blazing in this sunset. My walks are adventurous. :)

Rolling Tide

Sometimes in life you just have to stand still and breathe. It's easy to get swept away by noise and distraction during the day but we have to release certain absorption to reduce being overwhelmed in conscious and action.

Path of Sunlight

The light guides us to where we can feel safe and calm. If we follow light, we become strong. Compassion is needed to understand how to care for others, environment and respect nature. We learn to be more accepting of what we consider different; we learn to be more loving to what we need to embrace; we learn that the world is light. Being open is light and this ocean outlines the path of light.

No Breaking Point

Panoramic view of Crystal Cove.

The Beach's Light

Beach has tranquility with warm light and sounds of crashing waves. When it is blowing wind, I am completely lost from all essences.

Against the Wire

Why do architects design objects with a leading aspect to its structure? Walking through this corridor, my eyes followed the wire and bar the entire way to other side of the beach. If it was not there, I wonder where my eyes would go (most likely not in a pattern)? An observant soul like myself would find something to ponder over. Arches, rainbows, monkey bars--->just random reminders when I see this structure.

Seeing Beyond the Ocean

Every point in distance grants a different perspective to your eyes. Then you go back to the same point, you think it was entirely a new area. I see between the rock and shrubs this space of the vast ocean. I come to this spot again, will my perspective stay the same? We have to look beyond what we think we see the first time. It's like watching a movie once then you see it twice. Your perspective changes and new details become evident. So we need to accept that the shift moves us to what we need at the ti…

Clouds Meet Mountain

Latest photographs have been shot from my camera on the phone. I discover amazing things when I am walking and easier than l swinging a Nikon around the neck. I am exercising at the time. This scene was so peculiar and beautiful. The clouds had this arranged cloud mist formed like rays from it. I have never in my life seen this from clouds. So pretty and mystical.
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