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  • Feste Zons - Die Zeit nagt...

  • Kramsach 2007

  • Regenschirme - Ombrelli

    ein regnerischer Tag in Norcia, Umbrien, Italien

  • (Stifte - Bleistifte ~ 1/50) die Spitze Feder

    The 50 Images-Project *1/50* ~ Stifte

  • Feste Zons - Klinke am Portal der St-Martinus Kirche

  • Feste Zons - ...selbstredend

  • Düsseldorf - Warten auf Gäste...

  • Pour vivre heureux......

  • La liberté de choisir son chemin.. The freedom to choose its way...


  • Libertéééééééé ! ! ! Freedoooooom ! ! !

    Je suis Gourmande [ ON EXPLORE ] ! !



    Bien grasses, mais elle ne sont pas passées par le four pendant les fêtes !!!... :-)))


    Ambiance Normandie !!!... :-)))

  • Launch pad

    A late visitor to my garden last year, this Painted Lady was perfectly formed and visited for a few successive days. In this shot it is feeding from one of the Erysimums. I hope everyone has as perfect a day for "launching" into this New Year of 2015.…
    By Joan+

  • Post and lights

    Looks OK in Large (the black box with the white arrow top right) Tractor with small fishing boat on the trailer makes its way ashore from the Kent Channel. This was the second boat that evening that the same tractor had brought in.
    By Joan+

  • At home

    By Joan+

  • Freedom and light, and satire

    It is a delicate thing, freedom of speech, and a given right.... On one side a pen, a word.... On the other a Mask and a Gun..... Who is the brave one Who is the coward..... The strong one is Legion....for we are many...
    By Joan+

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