• His Holiness the Dalai Lama

    Foto by Richard Avedon: "His Holiness the Dalai Lama, Kamataka, India, 1998". Scanned from Villa Griesebach- Auction Catalogue # 148. Estimated Price Euro 10.000 - 12.000

  • Consummation

  • TV Buddha

    "TV-Buddha" , Nam June Paik, 1974. Vgl. auch hier.

  • Tchibo Buddha

    A rather strange encounter of Buddha going Pop happened to me lately in a german supermarket. On the search for toothpaste and detergent I came across this place where Buddha and Tchibo meet each other. A long time ago Tchibo sold everything you need to b…

  • buddha-bar nyc

    This is an example about what I mean with "Buddha goes Pop": The famous buddha bar restaurants, now all around the world, paris, new york, dobuy. Buddha as a brand. One more brand. A resort to relax, getting rid the workday stress. But again: It is only f…

  • Why not Jesus?

  • Kerze Buddha, Pop Art, Sortiert

  • Lightened Being

  • Buddha, smoking

  • Der Dalai Lama auf dem Jahrmarkt der Eitelkeiten

    Vanity Fair, Deutsche Ausgabe, Nr. 13 2008

  • Buddha napkin, biodegradeable.

    Buddhaserviette, biologisch abbaubar. www.paper-design.de

  • Peking style Avalokiteshvara

  • Contemplation

  • Car passenger

  • Talk To Him

  • Cheap Tschibo Buddha

    Another one of those purely arbitrary placed buddha pictures on a consumer item. This one is placed on a coffee mug.

  • Mountain View

    This one resides in front of a house above the town of Agno at the Lago di Lugano.

  • Glück in Tüten

    Slowly slowly slowly I get the message Tchibo wants me to understand. It wants me lucky. And the more buddhas help with this the better. They sell "Bags of Luck" (not bliss of course) and the Buddha is the icon of luck...!?

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