Kalashniköv Fs

Kalashniköv Fs

Posted on 06/08/2013

Photo taken on June  8, 2013

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Savage Bunny Sisters - Violeta&BunnyGirl

Savage Bunny Sisters - Violeta&BunnyGirl
Yay!!!! Our collaboration is finally done! The wonderful Xtina did Violeta and I did Bunny Girl ;) Here's a bit of their backgrounds!

Violeta (Simply Mango Hybrid)

Not long ago, two warriors from the legendary Savage Bunny Warrior tribe found a baby bunny lost at the deepest nook of the forest.The baby had a fine pendant around her neck, but there were no clue of where the parents could be. Diligently, they asked to the shrewmouse, whose house was near the place, about what could have happened. But she wasn't of much help, always chit-chatting with her neighbors about meaningless stories. Then they asked to the toads, that continued their path singing and whistling nonsenses, totally ignoring the warriors' important issue. They also risked their lives asking to the old owl, that lived inside a tree almost as old as him. But the wise owl only tried to eat them. Finally they carried the baby and the pendant to their village and put them before The Elder Bunny, who decided to adopt and raise the child as a true Savage Bunny Warrior. "I'm going to call her Violeta, because it's a color that really suits her", said The Elder while hugging the little girl. Both warriors raised an eyebrow; if someone had asked them, they would have called her Mirinda, but The Elder was well loved and to let him notice his colorblindness would have been disrespectful. As the warriors left the room, the old bunny rose from his chair and beheld the pendant, sparkling silvery between his hands. "Maybe I'm colorblind", he said, "but I'm pretty sure you'll leave us someday in order to find your lost sister". He showed the pendant to the sleeping baby while tracing the letters carved on it with his fingers: "X-acto Sisters", he said softly.

Bunny Girl (Icy with Simply Guava Scalp)

Bunny Girl lives in a postapocaliptic wasteland, surrounded by zombies and mutated vegetation. Her best friend is a mechanical saw called "Nancy", which she uses to keep the z-people away from her.
She enjoys going for a walk in the middle of the night, eating canned Spam and picking up roses.
She has always wondered where her pendant, which reads "X-acto Sisters" comes from... Does she have a sister somewhere? Is she as lonely as Bunny Girl? Does she have a family, or did she have to learn the meaning of that word on her own?

Bunny Girl's dying to get a new friend, given that Nancy hasn't what you would call a great conversation.

We've been dying to show this to you, people! So please, tell us what you think! This is the first "X-acto Sisters" collaboration... but I hope it's not the last!