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  • ABC 6800

  • At the bottom of the garden

    This was taken with my Ipad looking down towards the back of our garden. The Magnolia was in full bloom at the time. The blue object is our garden shed..( no idea what you guys in America call sheds )??

  • oystercatchers

    Its good to post in colour again all that black was a bit depressing These birds are fairly common but I do like watching oystercatcher’s, they are such busy little creatures

  • St. Williams College York

    I found myself at a conference in York last month without a camera so had to fall back on my phones tiny camera The conference was held at St Williams College it is situated in the shadows of York Minster, in the heart of the city. It is one of the fines…

  • Thanks a million

    A flower shot for a change. This is Colchicum autumnal better known as the Autumn crocus though I prefer its common name of Naked ladies. I took this shot at RHS Harlow Carr in North Yorkshire. It’s a pretty flower but extremely poisonous I passed the…

  • Puffin looking a touch silly

    Another shot from the Farne Islands with a Puffin being iconic with a beak full of sand eels. Two days ago I was “chosen” by Flickr to use the new Beta system with no option to opt out which made me a little cross. I am not saying that everything about t…

  • Natural arch

    This arch is perhaps not as spectacular as the sandstone ones in Utah. However the affect of the sea on chalk is still rather pleasing. It was shot a short way along the cliffs at Flamborough in East Yorkshire.

  • Beach reflections

    Spotted this reflection in a pool on the beach at Scarborough. The colours come from buildings on the promenade

  • Walking on the wild side ....Thanks Lou

    I don’t usually go in for tributes but I had to mark the death of Lou Reed somehow. Just when the Beatles were making Rock and Roll far too cosy along came Lou and the Velvets to remind us that’s to work well Rock has to be both exciting and edgy. The ne…

  • Harlow Carr colour

    Struggling to find the space and time to get out with the camera this autumn so will make do with an archived image. A shot taken 2 years ago at the RHS garden at Harlow Carr in Yorkshire

  • The Minster. York

    A first for me an image taken with my phone a Samsung Galaxy...perhaps not the clarity one would get with a DSLR but it’s not too bad. I tend to forget my phone is also a camera but on Thursday I was at a conference in York and during the lunch break I w…

  • Above the trees

    A view of South Dalton Church Spire emerging over autumn trees

  • We have the power

    A very typical view of the countryside in the Yorkshire Wolds area. I usually avoid power lines but these ones seemed to fit quite well into the landscape

  • A dog crosses a street in Benissa Spain

    Benissa is a small town in Spain between Valencia and Alicante. I passed this street ten minutes before I took the shot and was struck by its curves. When I passed by again the few people made it seem alive....the dog was a bonus. Really its just a typica…

  • Chalk exposed

    I realised when I took this shot that I had posted a similar image in the past. Now I prefer not to repeat myself but looking back it was over four years ago. So a second shot does not seem excessive The chalk cliffs at Flamborough did look rather lovely…

  • Half a lighthouse

    We often walk along the cliffs at Flamborough . The walk begins at the lighthouse but due to the hills it gradually disappears as you head down the coast. For some reason I always rather enjoy this effect

  • Vantage Point

    This Puffin seems to have found a good spot to keep an eye on things. Shot on Staple Island in the Farne Islands in Northumberland

  • Harvest

    I think this is the first time I have ever managed to post a shot with a fence on Happy Fence Friday. I put it down to the fact that in this part of the world we have a lot more hedges than fences. Took this shot last week, the harvest is well and truly u…

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