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Veterans ♥

11 Nov 2020 16 12 51
Cool Old Photo Time! In Honor of Veterans Day This is my dad with his shipmates in Naples, 1944. (He was only 19!) ...and for Sight and Sound: George Michael from his album "Listen Without Prejudice" (1990) Mother's Pride Mother's Pride


08 Jul 2020 36 25 126
This week in SSC: "Flowers in black & white" ..and for Sight and Sound: Sixpence None The Richer Field of Flowers Field of Flowers


09 Jun 2020 22 19 84
"Cool Old Photo" time again. Here's my little sister taking a nap on my big sister's pony "Harlow" who quickly became "our" pony (Circa 1965) Oh, how I miss horses. For Sight and Sound: Mike Oldfield from his "Ommadawn" album (1975) On Horseback On Horseback

Play Ball!

27 Apr 2020 28 36 125
Cool Old Photo time! These are my uncles Tom and Jerry circa 1938. They were my mom's little brothers and they were twins. My grandpa took this photo in b/w and I cleaned it up a bit and gave it a sepia tint. ...and for Sight and Sound: John Fogerty from his album "Centerfield" (1985) Centerfield Live: Centerfield

Watch Your step!

28 Feb 2020 24 27 124
This week in SSC: "Stairs" Meanwhile at the "Harley Davidson" Shop, a stairway to nowhere! (Looks best Large) ...and for Sight and Sound: Al Jarreau from his self-titled album (1983) Step by Step Step by Step

25 or 6 to 4

03 Feb 2020 11 21 76
For Sight and Sound: Chicago from their 2nd album "Chicago" (1970) Live: 25 or 6 to 4 Album: 25 or 6 to 4 25 or 6 to 4


17 Dec 2019 21 16 110
Here's little Marble swaddled in his heated outdoor blanket where he sleeps on "This Endris Night." For Sight and Sound: A lovely 15th century Christmas carol by Dan Fogelberg from his album "The First Christmas Day" (1999) This Endris Night This Endris Night


11 Oct 2019 38 55 154
This week in SSC: "Portray "happiness" in a black and white image. Your subject can be anything." Little Marble enjoys his first catnip. I've posted Marble before but in case you don't know him he is a stray/feral cat (maybe 2 years old?) that has come to live with us. He stays outside and sleeps on the porch and we feed him several times a day. He is mostly wild but has recently become overwhelmed with affection and will rub all over us as long as we don't touch him. This is a big change from before when he would run away if you'd even look at him. He is very scared of hands. I'm afraid something bad happened to him before. He's getting friendlier by the day though. Today we decided to see how he'd like some catnip and he was a very happy boy. :) (See PiPs!)

HFF to you!

28 Sep 2019 30 47 164
Time for crepes! =^..^= ...and for Sight and Sound: Elton John from his album "Honky Chateau" (1972) Honky Cat Honky Cat

Our House

14 Sep 2019 28 39 147
This week in SSC: "Take a photo and then post-process it using your favorite program. Include original." This old place sits in the lot next to a Walmart believe it or not. I'm guessing they wouldn't sell, but I really know nothing about this old building. I'm not sure if it was a house or a chicken coop. (For my song choice, I'm imaging it as a lovely cozy (long) home at one time. It does have a power pole. :) I cropped and leveled it a little bit, increased the contrast and then used my Nik Collection "Silver efex Pro2" to give it an old-time feeling. I really like playing around with this kind of processing. You can see the original in the PiP. ...and for Sight and Sound: Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young from their "Déjà Vu" album (1970) Our House Our House

Hold On

14 Sep 2019 15 15 92
A favorite entry from a horse show last summer ...and for Sight and Sound a little tribute to the late Eddie Money from his self-titled album from 1977: Baby Hold On Baby Hold On Baby Hold On


14 Aug 2019 16 12 108
For Sight and Sound: Riverside from their album "Eye of the Soundscape" (2016) Shine Shine


07 Aug 2019 25 32 114
Blake Island For Sight and Sound: CSN from their album "Crosby Stills & Nash" (1969) Lady of the Island Lady of the Island

Blinded by Science

03 Jul 2019 20 37 113
I'm long overdue for adding something to my "Cool Old Photos" album. My sister gave me a bunch of old family photos that I'm having fun editing. (Original in PIP.) This is my grandma's Chemistry Class in 1915. She's on the far right. Your guess is as good as mine as to what they were doing. ...and for Sight and Sound Thomas Dolby (1982) She Blinded Me With Science She Blinded Me With Science

Rescue Me!

26 Jun 2019 28 50 204
This week in SSC: "Diagonal Lines in Black and White" ​This is​ the "Water, Fire & Rescue Station" here in Silverdale, Washington. I often drive by it on my way into town and I've always like the diagonal design. My neighbor Tammy works here and these workers are fantastic! :) ...and for Sight and Sound we have: Linda Ronstadt from her self-titled album (1972) Rescue Me Rescue Me

"The Proud Tradition"

05 Jun 2019 31 30 163
This week in SSC: "Statues and Monuments" "The Proud Tradition" by Larry Anderson was completed in 1991 to honor Naval shipyard workers and commemorate 100 years of operation of the Puget Sound Naval Shipyard here in Bremerton, Washington. "In 1891 the Puget Sound Naval Shipyard opened for business. And since then, it’s not only been one of the town’s biggest employers, it has also played an important part in supporting the US Navy. During the Second World War, ships and vessels that had sustained damage in battle were brought to the Puget Sound Naval Shipyard for repair. And in the days since then, vessels have been sailed into Bremerton to be patched up, repaired, and even to be recycled, while the shipyard’s Submarine Recycling Program means the deactivating and disposing of nuclear compartments. It’s hard work. And it’s dangerous work. And to celebrate 100 years of that hard and dangerous work and the major part it plays in the life of many Bremerton families, this sculpture was put up. The man is called Clark, it says so on his hard-hat. The gift he’s giving the little boy in the baseball cap is a Kitty Hawk-class aircraft carrier. But more than that, he’s putting into the little boy’s hands the proud tradition of ship work upon which the town of Bremerton has thrived for well over a century. He’s putting into his hands the future."

Hello, Goodbye :)

02 Jun 2019 14 14 91
Two Washington State Ferries, one saying "Hello" and one saying "Goodbye." For Sight and Sound: The Beatles from their "Magical Mystery Tour" album (1967) Hello, Goodbye Hello, Goodbye

Bird on a Wire

11 May 2019 33 31 228
This week in SSC: "Selective Color" (I only colored the red and yellow back in.) This is a Red Wing Blackbird: birdsna.org/Species-Account/bna/species/rewbla/introduction I've always wanted to get a photo of one of these beautiful birds and I got my chance this week. The male makes the coolest sound. (Another photo in the PIP.) ...and for Sight and Sound Perla Batalla Bird on a Wire Bird on a Wire

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