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  • Bird on a Wire

    This week in SSC: "Selective Color" (I only colored the red and yellow back in.) This is a Red Wing Blackbird: birdsna.org/Species-Account/bna/species/ rewbla/introduction I've always wanted to get a photo of one of these beautiful birds and I got my…

  • Like Water

    Bullinda enjoying her jaccuzi again (if there was ever any doubt.) For Sight and Sound Paul Rodgers (1971 & 2017) Like Water Like Water

  • Light of Day

    For Sight and Sound Little River Band from their album "Sleeper Catcher" 1978) The Light of Day The Light of Day

  • HFF!

    HFF from my little dark eyed junko friend and me. :) Dark eyed Junkos aren't officially a "songbird" but don't tell them that. They love to sing even when no one's listening. :)) ..and for Sight and Sound: I've always loved Christine McVie's music.…

  • Just the Two of Us

    Fuchsias are here! (looks best on black) For Sight and Sound: Bill Withers and Grover Washington Jr. (1980) Just the Two of Us Just the Two of Us

  • Iron Man

    This week in SSC: "Rust" My rusty freckled "Iron Man" is inhabiting an old broken table saw that has been sitting outside just waiting for our challenge. You can see his "teeth" in the PIP. :)) ...and for Sight and Sound: Black Sabbath from their alb…

  • HFF!

    HFF from the whole gang! :) ...and for Sight and Sound: James Gang from their album "James Gang Rides Again" (1970) Funk #49 Joe Walsh live: Funk #49

  • Time of the Season

    For Sight and Sound: The Zombies from their album "Odessey and Oracle" (1968) Time of the Season Time of the Season

  • Fun and Games

    Someone was having fun. :) For Sight and Sound: Chuck Mangione from his album "Fun and Games" (1979) Give It All You Got Give It All You Got

  • I'm a Dime

    This week in SSC: "Coins" Photograph any old and/or unusual coins that you have. This is a well worn U.S. Mercury head dime from 1943. ...and for Sight and Sound Cake from their album "Pressure Chief" (2004) Dime Dime

  • Om...

    This week in SSC: "Back-lighting" Meditating Molly backlit by the sun. ...and for Sight and Sound: Cat Stevens from his album "Mona Bone Jakon" (1970) I think I see the Light I think I see the Light

  • HFF, everyone!

    ...and for Sight and Sound: Alan Parsons from his album "On Air" (1996) Blue Blue Sky (Part 2) Blue Blue Sky (Part 2) Blue Blue Sky (Part 2)

  • Keep On Tryin'

    The temperatures are still pretty cold here but the trees keep on tryin' to leaf out. Spring should be here any time now. :) For Sight and Sound: Poco from their "Head Over Heels" album (1975) Timothy B. Schmit (of the Eagles) wrote this song and sing…

  • The Kids Are Alright!

    This week in SSC: 'Animals in black and white" I happened to catch these kids at dinnertime on Wednesday. I think they're actually pygmy goats. They belong to my neighbors. I'll add another one below that I got on Thursday at a different neighbor's hous…

  • Old Friends

    A​ couple of mourning doves stopped by for a drink.​ They come each spring. It's always good to see old friends again. :) The Byrds from their "Mr. Tambourine" album (1965) We'll Meet Again We'll Meet Again

  • Trees

    This week in SSC: "Trees" I saw this row of trees the other day while out and about. I thought they looked nice against the apartments. I don't know what kind they are. Maybe you recognize them. ..and for Sight and Sound Seals and Crofts from the…

  • HFF on the water!

    HFF, everybody! For Sight and Sound: Heart from their album "Dreamboat Annie" (1975) Live: Dreamboat Annie Dreamboat Annie Album: Dreamboat Annie Dreamboat Annie

  • Watching and Waiting

    For Sight and Sound: From their album "To Our Children's Children" (1969) Watching and Waiting Watching and Waiting

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