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  • December

    I always wanted to post this song in December and this year I finally remembered! So for Sight and Sound: Collective Soul from their self-titled album (1999) December December

  • Drive

    This week in SSC: "Take a photo through a hole or an opening and include part of what you're shooting through." This is through the steering wheel of a 67' Chevy Malibu. For Sight and Sound Melissa Ethridge: You Can Sleep While I Drive or Trisha Y…

  • The Violet Hour

    For Sight and Sound The Civil Wars from their "Barton Hollow" album (2011) The Violet Hour The Violet Hour

  • Hero

    This week in SSC: Fire Engines I got lucky and found a fire engine in town this week. I hope you like it. There have been some horrific fires here in our neighboring state of California recently. It really makes you appreciate our fire fighting heroes.…

  • Cool Cat

    One very hot day last summer this neighborhood cat thought he'd cool off in the waterfall after we turned it off for the evening. :D For Sight and Sound Queen from their album "Hot Space" (1982) Cool Cat Cool Cat

  • Take Five!

    This week in SSC: "Odd Numbers" These 5 geese were down at the pond today. I've never seen them before and I have no idea what kind they are. They have bright orange feet and lighter orange bills. They're so cute! For Sight and Sound: Dave Brubeck T…

  • HFF

    HHF, everyone. (Looks best on black.) Let it fall down let it fall down let it all fall down... Jame Taylor from his "Walking Man" album (1974) Let it Fall Down Let it Fall Down

  • Wild Geese

    We got some nice Canadian visitors to our pond recently (PIP) This is the first time a whole flock of geese has stopped here. They've come back several times but I'm not sure if they'll stay or not. It's nice to see them though and they aren't shy of peop…

  • Saturation

    Some oversaturated fall colors with a little ICM. For Sight and Sound: Riverside from their album "Love Fear and the Time Machine" (2015) Live: Saturate Me Saturate Me

  • Take it Easy!

    This week in SSC: "Forced Perspective" As little bear drives down the road he encounters a big school bus. (This was not easy this week. It's always difficult working with bears. ;-) Take it Easy! Take it Easy!

  • Ghosts

    For Sight and Sound Dan Fogelberg from his album "The Innocent Age" (1981) Ghosts (If you like Edgar Allan Poe): Ghosts Ghosts

  • Happy Anniversary SSC!

    This week in SSC: In honor of our 2 year anniversary in SSC this week we could choose a challenge that we learned something from while being in our group. I chose "ICM" (Intentional Camera Movement.) I really like playing around with this technique just…

  • 9598

    For Sight and Sound: Comfortably Numb Comfortably Numb

  • Looking Up!

    This week in SSC: "Looking Up" (Looks best large) They're building onto the hospital so there's lots of work going on up there! ...and for Sight and Sound Men at Work from their album "Business as Usual" (1981) Catch a Star Catch a Star

  • HFF!

    H(horse)FF This is a horse in my neighborhood. He's got to be at least 20 years old. I remember when he was born. He never got to do much with his life but even old horses might dream. :) ...and for Sight and Sound: Dan Fogelberg from his album "The…

  • School Days

    This schoolhouse is located in the very small community of Holly in Washington state. "Holly is an unincorporated community in Kitsap County, Washington, United States. Named in 1895 for the presence of a large holly tree, Holly is located in the southwe…

  • Raindrops

    This week in SSC: "Water Droplets" I was in luck the other morning. We had a good rain and then the sun came out so there were lots of water droplets on everything! This is one of my favorite geraniums that I got this summer. It is just loaded with flo…

  • Taken at All

    For Sight and Sound Crosby and Nash from their album "Whistling Down the Wire" (1976) Taken at All Taken at All Taken at All

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