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  • Raindrops!

    Sight and Sound Two things I'm happy about today. We got some much needed rain after all the forest fires here this summer and.... I got to renew my Ipernity membership and see all my photos again. Yay! :) So here's an upbeat song B.J. Thomas released a…

  • Blue Jay Way

    I have been trying to get a shot of this glorious type of bird for months. They are so quick and good at NOT having their picture taken. Finally, I got this one today! :) This is not really a "Blue Jay" but we usually call them that. They are actually a…

  • HFF ~ To the Sea!

    HFF! ♪ ♫ Come with me to the sea! ♫ ♪ Robert Plant from the album "Honeydrippers Vol. 1" (1984) Live: Sea of Love Album: Sea of Love or here Sea of Love

  • HFF at the Pond!

    HFF, everybody! :) The geese are having a party in the pond!

  • Inner Light

    Sight and Sound (Looks best large) Plenty of links to choose from. I hope something works for you! George Harrison/Beatles (1968) Released as the B-side to "Lady Madonna" The Inner Light Alternative Instrumental: The Inner Light (music starts at…

  • Tribute

    Sight and Sound RIP Walter Becker Wow... there has been so much great music from Walter Becker and Donald Fagen over the decades. He will surely be missed. Steely Dan from their "Two Against Nature" album (2000) Live: Janie Runaway or here: Janie…

  • H(Horse)FF!

    HFF - Woo Hoo! :) K.T. Tunstall from her album "Eye to the Telescope" (2004) Black Horse and the Cherry Tree or here: Black Horse and the Cherry Tree

  • Hang on...

    Sight and Sound Pink Martini from their album "Hang on Little Tomato" (2004) Hang on Little Tomato or here: Hang on Little Tomato

  • HFF

    HFF, everybody! :) A light summer breeze was blowing across the water while these lovely sculptures enjoyed an evening by the sea. Seals and Crofts from their album "Summer Breeze" (1972) Summer Breeze or here Summer Breeze

  • On the Waters...

    Lilies on the pond (try it on black) Bread from their "On the Waters" album (1970) (This is the only link I could find. Hope it works!) The Other Side of Life

  • Hummingbird and Verbena

    Sight and Sound George Winston from his album "Summer" (1991) Hummingbird or Hummingbird

  • HFF

    HFF, everyone!

  • HFF

    Sight and Sound HFF, everyone! (Looks decent on black) I discovered this hidden pond along the side of the road. It had some cattails surrounding it so I will pair it with this song: Kenny Rankin from his "Silver Morning" album (1974) Pussywillows…

  • Beans!

    Sight and Sound The Romano beans are ready and they are so delicious. Joy of Cooking from their self-titled album (1971) Down My Dream or here: Down My Dream

  • Follow Me

    Sight and Sound Further adventures of this year's twins. (Looks nice on black) John Denver from his album "Take Me to Tomorrow" (1970) Follow Me or here: Follow Me ...and here's a really sweet live performance with Beverly Sills: Follow Me

  • HFF

    HFF everyone! :) I wonder if John B. still feels this way about Nicki R? ;-) And for Sight and Sound Shania Twain from her album "Up" (2002) Live: Forever and For Always Album: Forever and For Always

  • Red Rubber Ball

    Sight and Sound This was the sun tonight. We are getting smoke here from wildfires raging in British Columbia. It's a sad situation, but it sure made the sun look incredible. (Best viewed on black.) I can't help but pair it with this song from "The Cyr…

  • Happy Girl

    Sight and Sound Molly loves being outside. :) James Taylor from his album "JT" (1977) Whenever I See Your Smiling Face or here: Whenever I See Your Smiling Face

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